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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The once unstoppable FM station which has been hit by severe financial crisis is at it again. Baraka FM which in the late 90S was Coast's top FM station might soon answer charges in a court of law. Inside sources at the station told Showbizxklusivs that the former radio presenters including those that had joined Standard media Group are planning to take legal action against the stations management. The former employees are yet to receive their money since being laid off. Others who quit after landing better opportunities in a Nairobi station are also in the group that plan to sue the station. The source which declined to give names further added that some of the employees were also contemplating to resign. 'It's tough in there and the former presenters are going to court,'he added. The station woes are likely to increase as the source further revealed that the employees have not earned a salary for the last 3 months. Baraka FM has in the last 3 months lost some of it's key presenters including the station manager.


Ciru Maina is a model and now she will be in a yet to be shoot hollywood flik. My peoples whispered to Hot Secrets that she will be making a cameo appearance in an upcoming Hollywood film directed by Billie Woodruff. The movie, Street Dancing is due out January 2011. It will see Ciru making an appearance as a top supermodel on the red carpet of a glitzy VIP party.
She is also due to appear in UK major high street chain store Asda and River Island campaigns and has new t-shirts being designed for her by major 60's fashion icon Biba founder designer Barbara Hulanicki where the proceeds will go to charity.

Ciru is managed by Greyology Inc a UK / USA company who are creative directors and work with the careers of double Oscar and Grammy winner AR Rahman, Usher, Leona Lewis and British boy band JLS they were also responsible for feature films Slumdog Millionaire and Couples Retreat.

source: Hotsecrets blog

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The singer's close association with the men of God has been raising eyebrows. And Jose Chameleone is in studio recording a song, Omusambwa, with gospel artiste Nabbi Omukazi (Maggie Kayima). Sources say that Kayima’s manager and city pastor Augustine Yiga has injected a huge amount of money in the project. Meanwhile Chameleone is slated to perform alongside Pastor Wilson Bugembe in July. Many of Chameleon’s fans are wondering if their star has ‘seen the light’.Last time Chameleon was reported to have seen the light after his accident.


Sanyu FM presenter Seanice Kacungira's fiance has dumped her and their wedding has been called off. The pair was expected to wed end of this year. They had been together for over tow years.
In an interview recently, Seanice revealed the shocking news but insisted that she had no problem with the fellow. ''We are still best friends, "she claimed. She added: "There was no drama. We called off the wedding. It was a mutual decision and we are still very good friends."


Finally,ladies who had a crsuh on him will shed tears of sorrow. The first ever gospel DJ Pilsner Mfalme competition winner will be exchanging vows with his fiancee in the next two months. DJ Krowbar will take his fiancee only known as Joy to the altar come September 3 at an undisclosed venue in Karen. The nuptials will be an invites only affair, says DJ Krowbar. Krowber recently quit K-Krew, the DJ outfit that brought him into the industry, saying that he wanted to pursue his own interests.


The stage managed beef between upcoming events promoter Sylvester Sly and Bongo singer is still enjoying considerable airtime from a section of the press. The 'beef' which to me seems more of vegetable has taken a new direction with Ali Kiba reportedly in studio to do a single for the promoter. The single titled ' MTAKA CHA WATU' is already on air waves and is currently being played at PWANI FM! The two whose beef can only termed as imaginary and a mean to promote 'publicity hungry' Sly has been a major hit on facebook. Apparently,Showbizxklusivs landed on the exclusive that the beef was carefully planned by a section of 'the so called Mombasa celebrities' at a certain pub.
Ali Kiba is also using the same vegetables to get press coverage as he has nothing top offer.


Popular TV host Tim Njiru seems to be changing careers. He has been hawking telecommunication gadgets amongst his close friends and rumor has it that he might go big time with it. Tim last hosted a show on NTV, 'Insyc', where he quit after programmes manager Shirlin Samat came in to the station from KTN. Tim and Shirleen has had a long-standing beef.


Gospel musician DNA (Dennis Kaggia) has taken Kenya Commercial Bank to court over the use of the song 'Bankika Tu', in the bank's new Bankika account. According to DNA's lawyer, the promotion song in the advertisement is copied from DNA's hit song 'Banjuka'.
"They have used the same format to get more attention to the youth. They think artistes are weak and cannot fight for their rights, I will fight to the end, even if it seems like a David vs Goliath war," said DNA. No official communication has been issued by KCB so far on the case.


The boy has started breathing fire! That is gospel star Ringtone. Close sources to the musicians reveal that Ringtone has been issuing threats to Ogopa DJs, over the delay of his video release. Ringtone shot his video 'Twende Kanisani' with Ogopa Videos in March this year but he is still waiting for the video to be released. Before he went for his North Rift tour late last month, sources say that Ogopa's spokesman, Banda, kicked the musician out of the studio after he started making noise at all the producers in the stable over his video.
"We are not satisfied with the video so far, but we are working on it. We want Ringtone to get the best," said Banda. But Ringtone claims that the stable is delaying his video intentionally, despite paying them the full amount of video fees.
"They promised it will be done in less than a's four months now. What explanations do they have?" asked Ringtone. Other musicians with the same issues with Ogopa include Nikki, Kingsting, Netto, Makadem, Mr Prime, among others.

Courtesy of Showbiztu


He is one of the best lyricists in Kenya right now and musically, he's doing very well. But is this too big for Julius Owino, better known as Juliani? Is showbiz getting into his head? Apparently, the rapper has fired his performance DJ and stage manager, DJ Viq, who is also a former Mr Kenya title holder. Also fired is his publicity manager, Jean Marc, who has been handling local publicity for former child soldier and sudanese artiste Emmanuel Jal, now based in London. According to sources close to ShowbizTu, Viq is now hunting for a post at Blackstar Entertainment. Contacted, he confirmed the reports saying that he is no longer working with Juliani but pursuing other artistes.
"I'm doing stuff with Nameless now, but will be joining Blackstar too," he said.

Courtesy of SHOWBIZ TU