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Sunday, April 22, 2012


The couple walks together
Okereke heading to be Mrs Idahosa
Finally, the star actress walked down the aisle as her Nollywood confidants watched with joy. Stephanie Okereke, who loves to wear tight leggings and dress tops in most of her Naija movies looked elegant in her white wedding gown as she smiled back to her fans,family members and off course her film buddies.Her hubby Idahosa was stunning too in his outfits that matched with his love. The wedding took place in Paris. A host of Naija film stars including Genevieve Nnaji,Ini Edo, Kanayo O Kanayo,Liz Benson and others were there.
Nollywood stars Ini Edo and Genevieve Nnaji

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NOLLYWOOD Actor Pawpaw) buys Land Rover SUV

The star actor who already has a Toyota Harrier SUV and a Honda Sports car, just acquired a LR3 Land Rover SUV said to be worth over N7 million. He took his brand new car for dedication at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Righteous Branch, Ogba on Sunday April 15th. 


Prof J receiving an award
Ali Kiba accepts his award
Mipasho baibe..Khadija representing uswazi
Ali Kiba acceptance speech
Chidi Beenz handing over an award to Diamond
Diamond and his dancers pose for pictures
Diamond receiving his award
Diamond accepting his third award
Lady J Dee's hubby accepts an award on her behalf...she won one award
THT singer Barnabas also won an award..there he is accepting it
Ali KIba

Event MCs Vanessa Mdee and collegue
Taarab singer Khadija Kopa performs
Diamond accepts his awards
Omy Dimpoz accepts his award

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Talented hip hop group Camp Mulla, are going places if not platinum. The hip hop group will be performing alongside American Grammy nominee J Cole at the premier of Big Brother Africa 7 on May 6th. The other artistes expected to grace the occasion are Davido from Nigeria and South African based in Malawi E’Face. The BBA 7 will be aired in 47 African countries, where as the participants must double up to compete. Liberia and Sierra Leone will also be joining the house for the first time, but the sad news is that Ethiopia will not participate in this year’s competition.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


South African based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan launched the first reality show in East Africa on Tuesday April 03, 2012 that will be airing on Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC). Zari - The Boss Lady is a fourteen week reality television show that will feature Zari's life as a mother, wife, entrepreneur, role model and an artiste.
So many women, young and old alike have written to me expressing their admiration for me as a wife, mother and so on and therefore admire the way I balance my roles in every field I'm involved in. Iam a source of inspiration, motivation and a symbol of financial independence to many. Zari said in a statement to the press.
The statement added: "Many people have a misconception of me as a socialite, spendthrift and and attention-seeking celebrity.
I have never, at any one moment, lashed out to any member of the public and never have I ever involved myself in girlish altercations that I have been dragged into time and again. My reality show will tell everyone that Iam a mature and responsible woman, as actions speak louder than words."
Zari concludes that the reality; show Zari-The Boss Lady is not a publicity stunt, neither is it a show-off strategy. That was Zari's statement as far as the reality show that starts tonight at 8:30pm and will last for 30minutes.
During the launch Zari was with the UBC Public Relations Officer Jane Kasumba and Sylvia Owori whom Zari said they've been friends since she was 17. She took a moment off to apologize to all her followers for the bad commnets she had made and promised not to utterany of those cooments again.


Eric Wainaina

South African singer Lira who was Kenya for Blankets and Wine spoke of her desire of on day recording a swahili song with Eric Wainaina. She said that one of the things she must do as an artiste is sing in Swahili and has been “engaging” Eric Wainaina for the project but “time wise it has been impossible”.
Lira said she has three of Eric albums and has her “heart set on Eric for so long and I love his writing and sensitivity. I love his writing and for him to assist in portraying the message (of my song) in Swahili, would be exciting.”


Hollywood actress Natalie Portman is the new ambassador for Free the Children, an organization that works to provide educational opportunities for kids around the world.
The charity enabled the creation of the Kisaruni All-Girls Secondary Boarding School in the Maasai Mara region of Kenya.
Natalie teamed up with Free The Children in 2011, to support the Power of a Girl project, which enabled the creation of the secondary school.
She released a statement about her new position. “As a mother and the organization’s newest ambassador, I am grateful to Free the Children for giving me the opportunity to channel my passion and love of children into meaningful action that furthers the education and leadership of young women for years to come. I hope others join me in supporting this important cause.”

KAMPALA CHICS.......omg!!!

Ugandan ladies must be the rauchiest women in East Africa...just thinking.picture this....


Sylvia Owori and Billionaire singer Zari Hassan kissing and cuddling.....
City socialite Zari Hassan has done it yet again and she will stop at nothing in her bid to have a good life. The South Africa based self styled philanthropist put on a raunchy show with city fashionista Sylvia Owori as hubby Ivan and toyboy Malik cheered them on. This happened on Easter Monday during a boat cruise on L.Victoria as booze took its toll on them. A source said; “They were totally lost in their own world not caring what was going on around them. They were all over each other the whole evening.”
However, when temperatures reached boiling point, the two city socialites started touching, groping and snogging in the full of view of their hubbies. “It was a deep kiss and they did it with eyes closed,” a source added.
The boat cruise which was organized and funded by Zari for friends and family set off at around 4:00pm from Kampala University shoreline for K Palm beach on the Island. The boat had a total of 70 people that included a bevy of curvy Queen Dancers who provided raunchy entertainment that included lap dances to horny lads.
Owori made tongues wag around town in 2010, while watching the World Cup, when she French kissed motor mouthed journalist and Independent Magazine boss, Andrew Mwenda. That picture went viral when it was published. The two later claimed they have been friends and did that as a ‘civilised’ way of greeting each other.


Renowned Nigerian novelist of ‘Things Fall Apart‘ fame Chinua Achebe has put together recollections of personal experiences had during the era of Biafra in a new memoir.
The much anticipated book, ‘There was a Country‘, recounts the fateful events of the Nigeria-Biafra war (July 6, 1967 – January 1970) and is published by Penguin Books with a slated September 2012 release.
In its synopsis, publisher Penguin declared that ‘it will stand as definitive and reinforce Achebe’s place as one of the most vital literary and moral voices of our age.’
Dr Ngozi Achebe, a niece of the novelist, hinted that ‘this book, There was a Country, is of course one of the most anticipated books of our times and will hopefully shed more light on the events surrounding the most important period in the history of Nigeria, even of Africa and the world at large‘.
Professor Achebe is considered among the most significant writers in the world. His novel Things Fall Apart published in 1958 is a required secondary and high school text over the world.
He made international headlines when in November 2011 he rejected for the second time the Nigerian government’s attempts to bestow upon him a national honour the Commander of the Federal Republic, stating that it was ‘inappropriate’.


 We all know her as a serial dater. Well, former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu once dated the film star. During the actor's burial,the former Miss Tanzania and the actor's ex squeeze was among the over 200 people who fainted and had to be assited by the Red Cross society. It is recalled in March 2009, Steve Kanumba took Wema Sepetu to court for assault and property damages. In March 2009, former Miss Tanzania 2007 Wema Sepetu was dragged to court to answer charges of assault and vandalism. The model was charged before Kinondoni High court and sentenced to Segerea prison. The former Miss Tanzania cum actress together with one Asha Jumbe allegedly destroyed property belonging to actor Steve Kanumba on January 29 in Dar es salaam. Police findings indicated that the two had committed the crime together on January 29 at 9pm at Magomeni Mikumi in Dar es salaam. According to police,Wema and Asha destroyed the front windscreen of a Toyota RAV 4 plate number T 993 ASD which is valued at Tshs. 1 Million( About Kshs.55 000) that belonged to Kanumba. Wema was imprisoned and later on released on bail.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The young girl ok actress suspected to have had a hand in Steve Kanumba's death. She's called Elizabeth 'Lulu' Michael.She's still in police custody helping in investigation. She was having a secret affair with the late actor.I doubt whether she will escape this one..May God have mercy on her...


WASN'T ME: Lizelle Tabane denies Juju link.
EXPELLED ANC Youth League president Julius Malema's supposed lover Lizelle Tabane was kicked out of her house in the north of Pretoria and dispossessed of her car. Businessman George Leshaba allegedly didn't take kindly to Tabane being romantically linked to Malema last year.
He kicked her out of the house he had put her in and took the VW Scirocco that he had bought her.
Leshaba refused to respond to requests for an interview with Sunday World this week, but Tabane did speak to us. The embattled Malema also failed to answer or respond to extensively detailed text messages and calls sent to him. "I'm not dating Julius and I never have," says Tabane this week. "The story of him [Leshaba] buying me a house is false. I've always stayed at home. Leshaba visited me at my home."
Tabane denies that she lived in his north Pretoria house at the time of their love affair and appears to be unaware that Leshaba is a married businessman with at least two children.
Leshaba is over 50 years old and has two homes in Haartbeespoort, where he lives with his family and another where he entertains his business associates and friends.
"We dated for almost two years and he always bought me things out of love as we were in a relationship. He bought me two other cars that you did not mention before the Scirocco," Tabane says.
"After I wanted to end things with him he became very angry and demanded I return all the things he bought me and threatened that he will make my life a living hell. I think his way of getting back to me was by going at the media.
"We went on overseas trips together. He always used to get me gifts." Tabane's first high-profile appearance was posing with Malema at the wedding of businessman David Mabilu in Mauritius last October.
"I left him last year in June way before the Mauritius story broke. I went there as a single woman. I wanted to leave him because he was abusive, insecure and obsessed with me and that's after I found out he had another girlfriend whom he has a child with in Mahikeng. "I broke up with George over a year ago. I have not seen him since.
"As for him being married that's news to me. I've been to his house, there was never a woman or kids there. To me that was a single man living alone in his house in Haartbeespoort, unless he is secretly married and I did not know," she says. Tabane also denies her widely publicized affair with Malema: "I have a boyfriend that I love very much. I won't mention his name for privacy purposes. We love and respect each other."
Last December, two reports said Tabane introduced herself at events as Malema's girlfriend.

RIDDLE: Malema and Tabane in Mauritius. Picture by Siphiwe Mhlambi


Grammy-winning African music star Youssou N'Dour has been named as Senegal's minister for culture and tourism. Earlier this year the singer-songwriter, perhaps best known for co-writing and singing Neneh Cherry's 1994 hit '7 Seconds', announced his intention to stand as a presidential candidate against the octogenarian incumbent, Abdoulaye Wade. N'Dour criticized Wade's tenure, stating he was "hearing in mono, not stereo" and claiming he has held back the creation of a "new Senegal".
N'Dour failed in his bid for presidency, as his application was disqualified due to a lack of valid signatures. However, the new Senegalese president, Macky Sall, named N'Dour as member of his new cabinet earlier this week (April 4). N'Dour also held a concert in celebration of Sall's win.
When his own bid failed, N'Dour became an avid supporter of Sall, joining in street protests against the undemocratic reign of Wade – who was seeking an unconstitutional third term in office - and getting hit in the leg by a flying projectile in the process.
N'Dour has released 27 albums over the past 28 years, his most recent being 2011's 'Mbalakh Dafay Wakh'.


Monday, April 9, 2012


Finally,curtains will close on Tanzanian actor Steve Charles Kanumba today. The actor who died last week will be buried today (10 April 2012) at Kinondoni cemetery in Tanzania. The actor's body has already been removed from Muhimbili hospital morgue at 8am this morning (10/04/2012). There will be a convoy to to Leaders club where there will be a funeral ceremony. His body has already been received at Leaders club now for viewing. Tanzania's Vice President is expected to attend the funeral service. His body will be laid to rest at 4pm today.


The cause of death of popular Tanzanian actor Steve Charles Kanumba has been revealed by pathologists. The actor who was found dead three days ago died of Brain Concussion. Pathologists at Muhimbili hospital in Tanzania who conducted a post mortem on the actors body revealed. Concussion of the brain according to is a traumatic injury to the brain as a result of a violent blow, shaking, or spinning. A brain concussion can cause immediate and usually temporary impairment of brain function such as of thinking, vision, equilibrium and consciousness.This proves that the actor was actually killed.
 Some of the films he featured in are ‘She is My Sister’, ‘Dar to Lagos’, ‘Cross My Sin’, ‘The Director’, ‘Hero of the Church’. He also worked with leading Nollywood artistes including Mercy Johnson, Nkiru Silvanus, Femi Ogedegbe and Ramsey Nuoah.
Among awards won by artiste Kanumba are IJUMAA Sexiest male bachelor of the year-2006, Best Actor of the Year (Baab Kubwa Magazine)-2006 The Best Actor in Tanzania (Hollywood John Wayne International Awards)-2007, Honorary Award (Tanzania Film Vinara Awards)-2008, Best Actor-2007-2008 ya (SHIVIWATA) na Uigizaji Bora na Mtayarishaji Bora-Filamu Central-2010.


Late last night it was reported that popular Tanzanian actor Steven Kanumba had died, cut off in the prime of his life at 28. There are conflicting reports about how he died, some say he was in a fatal auto crash on his way back home from a night out while the story generating the most buzz claims he died from a fall, as a result of being pushed girlfriend Elizabeth ‘Lulu’ Michaels. The reports claim Steven and Lulu were fighting over incoming calls on her phone while she was at his home. He demanded to see the calls, but she didn’t show them to him. While taking the phone by force, she pushed him and he fell, hitting his head hard. The fall killed him. The reports also go on to say Lulu is currently being held in custody. His death has thrown Tanzania into mourning with condolence messages pouring in from politicians and colleagues alike, with fans trooping to his home in Dar es Salaam to pay their respects.  Steven starred in a couple of Nollywood movies with Ramsey Nuoah, Mercy Johnson, Nkiru Silvanus and Femi Ogedegbe. Ramsey Nuoah who co-starred with him in 2011′s Devil Kingdom has sent his family a condolence message.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Well,she remains one of the most prolific event organizers. Muthoni is makind real bucks. And by the look of things she's one of the loaded Nairobi chics. Let's do the basic mathematics together. "Blankets" costs every reveller 1,500 to get in(except, of course, us press folk :). Judging by the crowd, I'd estimate somewhere between 1,000 and 5,000 people attend this gig. For calculation purposes, let's put the number in the middle, say 3,000 people. So in gate fees ALONE, Muthoni and company mint a grand total of 4.5 MILLION in revenues.
Add to that the sponsorship money that they get from elite advertisers such as Capital FM, who want to reach the wealthy demographic who attends blankets. I'll put that at a modest number of about 500,000 (50k per advertiser), and you end up with a grand total of 5 MILLION SHILLINGS earned in one bloody day! But that's not the best part even!
The best part of all this, is that Muthoni and company have set this thing up such that, despite people paying a whole 1,500, they still have to bring their own refreshments to the venue! So all Muthoni has to do is provide the venue and the music, and the rest of the hassle is up to the fans to sort themselves out! This ensures tremendous margins for the "Blankets" business.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Former Miss Kenya crown holder Cecilia Mwangi, who has now become a household name for her eliminate jiggers campaign, is among the big names chosen to be Olympic Torchbearers in London later in the year.
"We are delighted to confirm your place on the Olympic Torch Relay. You have made it through the selection process and passed background and security checks. You will have your moment to shine as a Torchbearer carrying the Olympic Flame," read the fax mailed to Cecilia last week. Her slot to carry the flame will be in Solihull on July 1.
Her inspiring story will feature in the international media. "From Monday, we will start to tell the world your inspirational story. You may be contacted by your local authority or invited by media to take part in an interview," the letter added. The former crown holder was elated to learn of her appointment. She was selected from a list of 250,000 nominees. The list also hosts Red Cross boss Abbas Gullet and young innovator Evans Wadongo.
Senegalese musician Youssou Ndour is also among the celebrities to carry the torch. "It’s a great surprise and honour for me. I have devoted a lot of work to the Ahadi Trust led anti-jiggers campaign. Everyone will be watching the moment.I am more touched that, around the world, people will know about the jigger menace in Kenya out of this nomination," Cecilia said. Her team which includes the Ahadi Trust Ltd CEO Stanley Kamau and a number of journalists will leave the country on June 28 for London.


Tanzania's playboy and official serial dater Diamond proved that he is still a boy. The Bongo flava act who is officially dating former Miss Redds Tanzania Jokate Mwegelo refused to take former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu's cash gift on stage while performing on stage at Mlimani city in Dar es slaam last weekend. He acted like he was not even seeing the sexy beauty queen whom he had dated for several months before dumping her for Jokate Mwegelo.Jokate cheered and rejoiced as the singer disgraced the former beauty queen. He nere acted like a gentleman.  He went ahead and dissed her in his song 'Nimpende Nani'.  As if that was not enough, he openly showered Jokate Mwegelo with praise and danced with her in front of cameras'. Diamond arrived in the same car with Jokate Mwegelo and his mother and they even shared the table. Wema Sepetu who had bought a front table suffered shame after her table was pushed backwards. She nearly pulled a scene. But former Model and socialite Mange Kimambi Lowrel saved the sitaution by giving her space.