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Monday, August 30, 2010


Mowzey Radio is expecting to become a dad three times this year alone.Well, a reliable source in Good Lyfe confirmed that Mowzey has three girlfriends who are pregnant including Blu3’s Lillian Mbabazi.
According to the source, the second girl is called, Jen and she stays in Jinja town. The source told Showbizxklusivs that Mowzey impregnated Jen while on a music tour in Jinja six months ago. We’re also told that Mowzey’s Mzungu girlfriend Kieran is four months pregnant. Actually, last week we overheard Mowzey talking to Lillian on phone as she asked him to take her some tablets because she was “feeling funny”.
The source says that Mowzey has shown responsibility and he cares for all his girls.
“It has been taxing for him and you can clearly see that he is kind of stressed but he has not stopped to support them,” said the source. “The Mzungu has also had some encounters with Lillian but he has made them accept each other.”
He must be sweeter than kuku, indeed!


One evening he’s enjoying a good time in a bar and the next morning he boldly swears to be fasting! You must be wondering what kind of Muslim that would be! But yes, that’s singer Bebe Cool! SHOWBIZXKLUSIVS  bumped into the singer having a nice time with several friends last Tuesday at Steak Out Bar. But Bebe shocked us the following day when he made a post on his Facebook page alleging that he was busy fasting! We kept wondering what kind of Muslim would hang out in a bar during Ramadhan but still claims to be fasting! However, Bebe Cool who leaves for further treatment in the US sometime this week argued that he wasn’t just hanging out, but was working! “I don’t drink alcohol anymore; I was there to promote my new songs. That’s my job and I was at work,” Bebe said.  We weren’t satisfied with Bebe’s reasoning but we were informed that sick people and people with complications are exempted from fasting!


When we said he’s perhaps the only artists in Uganda to be so tight with the President, many didn’t believe us. Moses Saali alias Bebe Cool is the first artist to get a warm visit from the big man a few months back after getting shot by a  trigger-happy security officer at Effendy’s bar and club. The president even went ahead and promised to meet the damages the singer went through during his absence from the music scene.
A few debates were carried out whether the Bogolako singer would be paid or it was just media hype but to everyone’s astonishment, state house released info that Bebe is to be given 180million shs as compensation for the damages he endured at the beginning of this year.
The money will also be part of Bebe’s further treatment in the USA until he gets back on his two feet. He’s slated to travel a few weeks from now with his wife Zuena and two kids Alpha and Beata.
However, the question on everyone’s mind is? Did the Government make the right decision of meeting Bebe’s costs? Because he sued the government a few months back for “damages” yet he has been performing in several places like his “Denmark tour” last month, “Return of the king concert” and not forgetting more places he has been advertised on!


Soon after settling the land tenants who were claiming to own his one luv beach premises, singer Bobi Wine is yet again in trouble for “Plagiarism” charges.It is said Robinah Bisiilikilwa, wife to fallen star Paul Job Kafero of the Kadongo kamu fame is willing to take the self proclaimed Uganja President to the courts of law for  re-doing “ Dipo Nazigala” to “Ghetto Nazigala”.

“The song is said to be one of Paul’s best going by requests and airplay it received on most media houses but for an artist such as Bobi Wine to re-do the song shows lack of respect because he never got consent from the family.” according to an insider.The song is almost the same except for the few lines and fast beats Bobi changed to make captivating for his fans.
Now Bisiliikilwa is willing to take the matter as far as the courts of law unless the “Mr Money” singer pays an amount she’s yet to disclose as a lesson to others for not repeating the same act.
Paul Kafeero dated Robina Bisiliikilwa who by then was still in Kulabako guitar singer as a buck up artist and was among his many wives.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Elizabeth and Kevin before the engagement in Naija
Nigerian winner of BBA4 Kevin Chuwang Pam has taken a step of faith and engaged Tanzanian BBA contestant Elizabeth Gupta. The couple's engagement has been top secret but trust Showbizxklusivs to unearth the deepest secrets. Well, their engagement took place in Nigeria three months ago when Elizabeth flew to Naija for what she termed a 'business trip'. It latter emerged that the business was actually an engagement and the Naija millionaire went down on his knees and popped the big question...'would you marry me? which Elizabeth quickly said yes as she accepted a gold engagement ring. The two are actually planning a wedding soon. Rumors in Dar say that Kevin will be visiting soon to meet his future in-laws.  Kevin is the winner of the 2009 Big Brother Africa (BBA) Revolution reality TV show.It will be remembered that Kevin ,27,carried the Tanzanian flag after being declared the winner.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


They always say “seeing is believing” but with our kind of profession, we would like to make a few amendments about the adage by simply saying “hearing is believing” because we’ve just heard info that American R$B Award winner, Brandy will be holding a show in Kampala come December 2010. Mixed Tape Ltd, a new entertainment company is behind the deal to fly in the long distance songstress with just a few things left for the deal to be finally reached if the info we received is anything to go by.Brandy Rayana Norwood will if things go as expected be joining the long list of international artists like R.Kelly, Akon, UB40, Shaggy, Wycliff Jean, Brick and Less, Vegas among others to perform in Kampala.Acting, song writing and Singing, Brandy is best known for hits like Boy is Mine, Right here, Afrodisiac, Almost doesn’t count, Wow, Come a little closer, Almost doesn’t count to  mention but  a few.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Sadat the promoter

Ray C and hubby Lord Eyez
Bongo songbird Ray C has now revealed that the promoter of her Kenyan tour, Sadat, wanted to sleep with her. Apparently, before she came to Kenya, Sadat of Maliza Umaskini flew to Dar on a 'business trip'. "Sadat told me that he was on a business trip but kept on sending me sex-related messages, which I still have on my phone. I was shocked because I didn't expect that from him," she said. Apparently, drama started when Ray C went to meet Sadat accompanied by her boyfriend Lord Eye, something that didn't go down well with the promoter, an aspiring politician from Kitale.
"It became worse when I showed up at the airport with Lord Eye, and Sadat became completely pissed off. Because I refused to sleep with him in Dar, then I come to Kenya with my boyfriend, he started creating excuses to cancel my show," she said. Ray C is yet to be paid $9,000, even after her shows were canceled. Promoter-cum-politician Sadat has defended his move to cancel Ray C's Kenyan tour. According to Sadat, he was not happy with the way Ray C conducted herself from the airport to Club Summit in Nakuru. "She was under influence and I actually saved her from embarrassing herself on stage. She was almost taking all her clothes off on stage," said Sadat. He has also denied rumors that he wanted to sleep with Ray C.
"I didn't send her any suggestive messages as she claims. If I had any problem, why did I pay for her boyfriend's air ticket to Nairobi?" he asks. Meanwhile, Sadat has canceled Ray C's and her boyfie's tickets back to Dar, that means they have to pay their own air tickets. Ray C, was meant to do a series of shows in Kenya this month and finally wind up the tour in Southern Sudan's capital, Juba. According to close sources, the Kenyan tour alone was supposed to earn the musician $10,000 (about KSh800,000), and the agreement was that she gets her downpayment upon arrival at Jomo Kenyatta international airport. She was to get the rest before she goes on stage in her first show, which was in Nakuru last Saturday. The promoters, with musician Refigah as their spokesman, did not honor the agreement at the airport but still proceeded for the Nakuru show. Ray C did not complain as she went on stage and wowed the crowd. Real trouble started when fans asked for more songs and Refigah had to snatch the microphone from Ray C and cut the show. The promoters started accusing her of going against the agreement, and she was forced to take a cab to her hotel. On Sunday morning, the promoters phones were all off and when Ray C managed to raise one of them, she was threatened and told to go back to Dar es Salaam..


She’s a renowned fashion designer and the proprietor of African Woman magazine. Sylvia Owori’s business empire has been on the rise in the recent past but as we came to know, her love life hasn’t been a very lively one. Last week, showbizxklusivs received information from a reliable source that Owori had decided to end her 14 year relationship with her Dutch fiancĂ© Per Munk-Nielsen. According to the source close to the former model, Owori packed her belongings and left her marital home in Luzira. Nielsen has a children with Sylvia and is also a shareholder in African Woman.
“Nielsen is the CEO of African Woman. Sylvia insisted that they will maintain the work relationship to ensure African Woman remains at its level of success,” the source added. “She left along with her two children. I don’t really know why she left but I think she was getting too busy for the relationship,” the source said. We learnt that Sylvia who frequently flies in and out the country to oversee her business in Nairobi, is quite busy with a few other projects. We’ve been told that Owori is renting a house in the posh residential Kololo  area. Efforts to get a comment from Owori were fruitless as she couldn’t pick up her phone. Meanwhile, we also learnt that Owori is working day and night to make sure her new club Black Pearl located at the Golf Course hotel basement opens up. “She also has a new project with Alicia Keys’ Keep a Child Alive foundation.” The source revealed.


If the police can’t get Chameleone, singer Vamposs and a few friends are willing to help deliver him personally to the police. During our late night errands last Thursday night, we bumped into Vampos along with allies Viboyo and James B and they alleged that they were looking for Chameleone to personally hand him over to the police! Vampos also revealed that sometime last week, he hit studios and recorded a song specifically for Jose Chameleone.  “The song is called Ndongo. It’s basically about the fact that for long Chameleone has released funny music. It’s time for Ugandans to get to enjoy the real music-dancehall and forget about things that have no classification!” Vampos said. Vampos recorded the song at Swangz Avenue and he promised to out it sometime this week!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Shaa performing
Lil Kim doing her thing
Aladji Aladji from Codeivoire
Mwasiti on stage
THT dancers
part of the crowd
And it was arguably the biggest hottest gig in TZ this year. FIESTA JIPANGUSEEEEEEEEEE RAHA....


Juma Nature and Lil Kim getting jiggy...
Nature and Kim performing together
Lil Kim making the grand entrance
Sir Nature loves this...going dowm..mpaka chini
This was how the queen of Rap rocked Leaders club in Dar es salaam. Showbizxklusivs was right there and here are some of the gossip follows suits

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Popular Tanzanian actress Irene Uwoya is in Dar es salaam. The actress was spotted by our sharp eyed snoops who later on dropped the news on our desk. Sources say that she is Dar to be part of the next movie that is to be produced by RJ company. 'She flew in a day ago and has been having a quiet day,'added our source. The actress,twice voted the sexiest female celebrity is married to Rwandese footbal star in Europe.


Like father like they say. Looks like Bebe Cool's son Alpha Thierry is taking lessons from his father or it might just have been another accident. Well, Zuena Kirema Ssali was spotted in a Kampala hospital yesterday (Tuesday 03.08.10) taking her first born son to hospital.Our Kampala snoops told us that the boy was in a good condition and was treated and discharged. 'He broke one of his arms and was treated. The mother looked sad,'added the source.


Pint sized but a force not to be ignored...DIAMOND taking Dar es salaam and the whole of TZ by storm. The musician has been stealing shows and sources say every lady wants a piece of the recent FIESTA JIPANGUSEE in Mwanza he rocked and the left the crowd wild....ohh yeah   .....Mbagala


This Saturday, Dar es salaam will be on fire. Showbizxklusivs has yet landed another exclusive from Dar es salaam. American controversial rapper Lil Kim will be the star attarction in Dar. The rapper has been booked for the FIESTA JIPANGUSEE concert to be held in Dar es salaam. The celebrated rapper will perform alongside Ivory Coast, Naija and Bongo flava acts during this Saturday's Fiesta Jipangusee,,our source revealed. 'Lil Kim is the main act this year. It's been confirmed,'added our inside source. Meanwhile, Naija duo Bracket will be perfoming in Dar es salaam this Saturday (9Aug7th). They will join other international A-list performers in a FIESTA JIPANGUSEE concert at Leaders Club in Dar. The duo are expected in Dar this Thursday.