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Thursday, September 29, 2011


From D'Banj and Don Jazzy's publicist...
We find it really mischievous and wicked for somebody to sit in the comfort of his home and send out messages capable of damaging the lives of his fellow human being.”

This statement above formed part of the statement by multi award hip hop artistes and producer, Dapo Oyebanjo popularly called D’banj and Don Jazzy, C.E.O of Mo’Hits Records’ media company, Media Image Managers.

 Late Sunday night through Monday, Internet and Blackberry broadcast messages were flying around which said the duo were ‘arrested’ in the US with 1,000 kilograms of substance suspected to be hard drugs and they have been detained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI.

 The stars’ publicist in the statement described the news as the handiwork of people who want to bring down any successful person. “It is this Shoot Him Down Syndrome (SHDS) that has pervaded the country for years now, and artistes as well as celebrities bear the brunt more. We want to state categorically that Dbanj and Don Jazzy are in Lagos. They are nowhere near New York or even Ghana.”

 The statement continued: “The two respected artistes are proud Nigerians doing the country proud worldwide. They do not need to peddle drugs as they are successful young men who worked hard to get to where they are today. The report making the rounds that they were arrested in America on Sunday is false and an attempt to tarnish the image of these proudly Nigerian artistes. It’s a figment of someone's evil imagination. We at Media Image Managers are not losing sleep about this malicious campaign, but records must be set straight. D'banj and Don Jazzy are at their Lekki home in Lagos, Nigeria, they are well and okay. They have had no brush with the law for any reason, not even for a traffic offence. What makes it more funny is the fact that D’banj and Don Jazzy were having a routine meeting with many others including his media company representatives on Monday when obnoxious message dropped in many phones in the living room claiming the duo were in custody in America. Really sad.”

 Since the popularity of Internet,people have literally gone gaga. Every average Nigerian is now a journalist as they struggle to outdo each other in broadcasting the news of the death of popular people as well as posting on their status on social networking site, Facebook. These news turn to be false most of the time. Nigerians have killed former Biafra war lord Chief Udumegwu Ojukwu and Freedom fighter, former South African President, Nelson Mandela several times before they will eventually die.

It was a  broadcast message that sparked off a widespread panic early this year. Some mischievous people started spreading the news that the Third Mainland Bridge was falling apart and people should avoid that route. Government of Lagos had to debunk that claim. So many incidents that have led to panic had been caused by this new generation Blackberry and Facebook ‘journalists’. Rumour peddlers have told the world that Charly Boy was ‘dead’ some couple of years ago. They ‘killed’ gospel musician and Evangelist Sonny Okosuns once before he eventually died. The most guilty of this crime are faceless individuals who run web sites. They have turned the Internet to blackmail tool used in running anybody who tries to stand up to them down.

“That is why we at Media Image Managers will want to use this opportunity to call on government to call Nigerians to order by way of enlightenment on the need to verify information before they spread it further. D’banj and Don Jazzy, two successful artistes are target today (so many people had been targets in the past), who knows the next target? These young men even when they were yet to break into limelight did not do any illegal thing, so it would be most sad now that almost a decade of hard work that has paid off would be rubbished by engaging in anything illegal.”
D’banj and Don Jazzy aside winning many awards were recently signed American superstar Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music


SHAGGY planting a tree
cabo snoop planting his tree at Karura forest
The Tusker All Stars prime guests Shaggy and Cabo Snoop and icons Msechu, Alpha and Davies, today joined the East African Breweries Ltd E-Green Team at the Karura Forest for a tree planting session as part of Karura Forest Conservation efforts. The Stars, who are in Kenya for East Africa’s biggest musical fete, the Tusker All Stars Concert, planted a selection of various indigenous trees and took time off to enjoy serenity and bond with nature at one of the country’s most famous conservation names. Speaking during the tree planting event, EABL’s Marketing Director, Kenya, Caroline Ndungu said, “Environmental conservation, as one of the EABL Foundation key pillars, is not only an initiative that we invest a lot of resources into but also a calling that is deeply embedded in our corporate social responsibility mission,” “Bringing the Tusker All Stars to Karura Forest, one of our country’s greatest environmental assets, therefore gives them the crucial and memorable opportunity in lending a hand in its conservation.” She added. Adding his voice during the exercise, American musician, Shaggy said he was excited to be part of the initiative.”Sustaining the environment is an obvious concern across the world and as responsible global citizens, each one of us has a responsibility to play in ensuring that we do all it takes to conserve the planet for future generations,” Shaggy said. “I thank EABL for giving us the opportunity to join them in this very symbolic and historical initiative,”
On his part, Angolan musician, Cabo Snoop in his native Portuguese noted that trees are one of the planet and humanity’s most valuable assets and whose conservation calls for genuine commitment from all. “As plantas sao importantes para o ser humano, por isso vamos manter a nossa missao em conserva-las (trees are important to mankind, let us make it our mission to conserve them.” Said Snoop.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Reality show judge Ian Mbugua will take up a new job as a judge but this time as a fashion cop judge. Ian will judge the competitors’ costumes at the AccessKenya Africa Concours d’Elegance to be held by the Alfa Romeo Owners Club at the Nairobi Racecourse on September 25.
He will be joined by Millicent Ogutu, a popular actress at Phoenix Players.
Ian said, “These will be worn by a significant number of competitors in the Concours d’Elegance while they parade their cars and motorcycles for judging. The costume contest adds to the status and style of the event and is a popular gathering point for spectators in the Racecourse grand stands. It is hoped that as many entrants as possible will enjoy competing for the lavish awards.”


Ogopa DJ artiste Avril has bagged a role in the second MTV drama series, Shuga that starts filming this week in Nairobi.
Avril who will play the role of a character called Miss B’have will be joined by other Kenyan personalities like Nick Ndeda (Angelo), Nancy Wanjiku (Baby), Brenda Wairimu (Dala), Edward Nyanaro (Rayban) and Ikubese Emmanuel - a.k.a. 9con - (Femi).
Meanwhile, Lupita Nyong’o, who played the pivotal character of Ayira in Shuga, returns on the other side of the camera as co-director alongside South African veteran Teboho Mahlatsi.
Also returning for the second series of Shuga are Sharon Olago (Violet), David Omwange (Skola), Nick Mutuma (Leo), Antony Mwangi (Kennedy) and Valerie Kimani (Sindi).
Other actors chosen at the public casting a few weeks ago are Christopher Otieno and Wairugi Mutero. Wairugi will be playing the role of Njoki (a party girl who loves to live in the moment) while Christopher will be cast as Slim, a small-time gangster.
Shuga: Love, Sex, Money is sponsored by MTV Base, The Staying Alive Foundation, the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and The Partnership for an HIV-Free Generation (HFG).


Legendary Senegalese singer Youssou N’Dour talked about his visit with communities that have been badly affected by the ongoing famine at the Dadaab refuge camp.
"Whenever there is a problem it is the Westerners who are in the foreground, where are the Africans?" Youssou said, speaking after a visit to Kenya's giant Dadaab refugee camps as an ambassador for the UN children's agency.
Youssou and Somali rapper K'naan are planning a series of events across Africa to raise funds and awareness about the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa.
"I think Africa should be at the forefront," he added.
Youssou was joined by UNICEF Regional Director for Southern and Eastern Africa Elhadj As Sy, on Tuesday (Sept 6) and spoke about the specific needs of children, the response of the humanitarian community, what more he believes needs to be done to alleviate the current suffering faced by so many, and what the future holds for the millions of children caught up in the combination of drought, rising food prices and insecurity in many parts of the Horn of Africa.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Uganda's president Bobi Wine and 1st Lady Barbie Itungo ..dressed for dinner after tyning the knot..trendy...i must say...


Grace Nakimera poses

Grace Nakimera on Tuesday brought business at UMA show Ground Lugogo to a halt when she paraded sexciting gals in her new video shoot. The ‘Onyambanga’ singer, who last year scooped the PAM Awards Video of The Year 2010 for the Onyambanga song, was energized to shoot for the highest.
For her new video of her latest single “Sexy”, Grace dressed in sizzling shorts and was accompanied by sexy dancers dressed in carnival costume that showed off lots of skin as they pulled off raunchy erotic dance moves. moves


Hollywood actress Olivia Wilde is in KENYA to shoot a documentary for an American media portal called PBS (Public Broadcasting Service). On Saturday, the actress known for her role in blockbuster movie Cowboys and Aliens and TV series House was in Kibera.
In her twitter account on Friday afternoon, the actress posted: “I'm in Kenya with PBS and Nick Kristof shooting a doc for Half The Sky!! Tomorrow we head into the slums to interview female entrepreneurs.”
On Saturday (September 3) Olivia was at the Jamii Bora Trust in Kibera know for it’s initiative in getting over 50 street beggar families in Nairobi out of poverty and building a better life for their families.
PBS is the most prominent provider of television programs to U.S. public television stations.
The documentary Half the Sky, based on Kristof's book of the same name will highlight how women turn oppressive situations into opportunities. He is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner who writes op-ed columns for New York Times.


Rapper K’naan will have to take on a mushy role in a new romantic movie set against Belgian Congo's decolonization in the 1960s. K’naan will star in the movie titled The Catastrophist alongside actors Steve Coogan and Stephen Dorff that will be shot in Mwanza, Tanzania.
Produced by British director Nick Broomfield via his Lafayette Films, Paul Miller of Escape Pictures and Blighty's Channel 4 with line producer Donall McCusker ("Hurt Locker") the movie will tell an endearing l0ove story. According to Variety, Broomfield believes The Catastrophist will give Tanzania's fledgling film biz a similar boost. While McCusker expects difficulties -- such as finding the period vehicles and set pieces to recreate the Belgian Congo of the 1960s -- Tanzania has enough of a barebones industry with equipment and local technicians to support a foreign production.
Meanwhile, K’naan was in Kenya together with retired basketball player Dikembe Mutombo and Cindy McCain the American businesswoman, philanthropist, and the wife of failed presidential candidate John McCain. The trio visited Dadaab, the main refugee camp on the border of Somalia and Kenya.


Tanzanian rapper AY has already recorded a single with American rapper T-Pain and is planning on shooting the video.  The rapper was in the country for Saturday evening award show EMAS where he bagged the award for Best Collabo for him musical effort with Mwana F.A. in the track Habari Ndio Hiyo. AY released his latest collabo with Romeo and La'Myia Good – actress Meagan Good’s older sister - for the single titled Speak With Ya Body.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Maurice Kirya croons at his show.There were no curtain raisers, no posters reminding us of who had sponsored the concert, no parents being hurled up to stage by the artiste, apparently to be thanked for their input in their son’s music career, no host boring us with eulogies about the artiste in a bid to kill time as the organisers wait for the crowds to swell. And oh… there were no publicity stunts for the concert involving religious conversions, no. The Maurice Kirya Live concert on Friday didn’t have that nonsense. It was simply all about music.
He walked onto stage at 8.15pm at Victoria Hall in Kampala Serena Hall and went straight into his set with the soulful, I will sing to the applause of the crowd. It was Kirya unplugged. It was Kirya shedding off the skin of “yeah he’s alright”, putting one a more tougher skin that signaled his arrival as one of the most accomplished East African artistes.
The way Kirya approached his concert in terms of preparation and concept also spoke volumes about the kind of artiste he wants to portray but better still, his knowledge about how music concerts in the West are run in terms of advertising. He for example didn’t have the traditional approach of using FM stations to announce the concert, but rather relied on the social media in avenues like Facebook to get his message out. He used Twitter to do auditions of those who wanted to participate in the concert. He actually had the concert shot live (in a documentary form) in HD (High Definition). Now, Ugandan artistes don’t do that.
The show didn’t disappoint and had a few surprises like former Tusker Project Fame contestant, Valerie Kimani having a duet with Kirya entitled Village Girl. His other duet was with his brother Vampino at the end of the show. Kirya fused his brother’s hit Sika Chapati with his own hit Boda Boda. Everything worked out well for Kirya right from his constant cheeky engagement with the fans, to issues like time-keeping. He started on time and ended on time. It was a perfect show.
The show was wrapped up by 10.30pm and going by the huge diverse crowd, Maurice Kirya had managed to convince his fans that he had moved a gear in his journey as an artiste.


Jose Chameleone’s Mukisa Gwo album launch on Friday was more than launching songs; the controversial singer also launched attacks on the two leading dailies. Chameleone was not happy that Daily Monitor did not give him prominent pre-event coverage for his concert.
The singer took time off and mentioned names of scribes whom he thought had ignored giving his concert pre-event coverage to his fans who welcomed his tantrums with wild cheers. The singer bragged that by not writing about his concert, the media houses were retarding the Ugandan music industry. “I’ve done everything, I’m no longer looking for fame.
I don’t doubt my fan base, these people are not here because of stories, they are here because of the love they have for Chameleone. If you think you can destroy me, be rest assured, even if an elephant died of HIV/Aids, it could never have shrinked to the size of a dog!” A fan near the photographers in the VIP section screamed out a question; “How come you never tell us when they write good about you?” That’s a question only Chameleone can answer.
Besides the attack on the media, Chameleone reminded the crowd about his efforts towards getting Ugandans to appreciate Ugandan music. Back to the show, Chameleone performed for about two hours, mainly focusing on his 2010 and 2011 songs, like Owakabi, Movie Star with AK 47, plus duets with Papa Cidy, Jackie and Eritrean Sammy. After performing Mukisa Gwo the album title track, most revellers stood up to leave, but Chameleone announced, “If you came for the launch, it just ended, but if you came for music, I’m now starting to sing.”
The singer observed a moment of silence for departed comedian Jimmy Musisi who died earlier last week, before he resumed his performances, this time round taking the crowd back in time with songs ranging from his breakthrough hit Beyi Kali before he was joined by his mother on stage as he sang Maama Wange.
Before Chameleone got on stage, Ronald Mayinja, AK47, Skeleton, Raga Dee, Eddie Kenzo, Catherine Kusasira and Big Eye entertained the revelers with exhilarating performances. The show ended a few minutes after midnight and many revelers went home wondering why Chameleone had to attack the media that has helped sell him and the entire industry to them-his fan base.