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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It seems the trick Bebe used to release hit after hit to Zuena has worked as reliable info reaching us has it that the two have finally reconciled after spending almost a year of breaking up.
Zuena’s departure was somewhat a blessing in disguise as it helped rejuvenate the Bamugambe star's career as it helped him pull the biggest crowd ever witnessed in the entertainment industry by a local musician during his Agenze album launch at kyadondo rugby club a few weeks back. Zuena who was supposed to return home on the same day as the launch didn’t do as earlier promised by Bebe as she refused to go stage to publicly declare her return though she was sighted in the V.I.P section with a couple of friends.
However during Chameleon’s 10th anniversary at Lido beach last Sunday, Bebe appeared on stage shortly after Chameleon’s performance and stated that Zuena has finally returned home.” Let me take this opportunity to openly say that my wife and mother of my two kids Zuena Kirema is finally home with my kids.” He said.Bebe also went ahead to ounce again mention that the music industry in Uganda has him and Chameleon as the only Big artists and the rest have to do better to catch up. The same statement that got him in trouble with the firebase crew during Ekigunda kyomwaka at Nakivubo stadium.


At just 5-years-old, Romanian preschooler Giuliano Stroe isn’t even old enough for own gym membership, but the boy’s sub-human strength has landed him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.
Giuliano, who began lifting weights at ago two, has set a record as the “World’s Strongest Kid” after, embarking on the fastest ever 10-meter hand walk with a weight ball between his legs. Stroe and his six-pack abs evolved into a YouTube sensation — we’re talking Chris Crocker-style, baby — when his skills were showcased on an Italian TV show last summer.
The Herculean kid’s parents continue to embrace their son’s bodybuilding, although it is likely very unhealthy for a child to begin weight-training at such a tender age.
We can finally say that we’ve seen it all!!!