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Monday, July 18, 2011


BET award nomineed and Congolese superstar Fally Ipupa had a Kenya tour last weekend which ended on a sour note. His Nairobi show was a flop while the Mombasa show at Mamba Village in Mombasa was a pure miserabel flop. Our witnesses in at Mamba Village confirmed to us that the congolese lingala sensation did not perform. He refused to come out of his car until he was paid in full. Incensed crowd then started demolishing and looting property.
They damaged the DJ Booth, the Coca Cola and Kenya breweries Tusker fridges, breaking the glasses and windows and the gate luminous board at the entrance. Police and flying squad were called in to restore some order and sanity. Rumour has it that someone dealing with tickets also disappeared with over one million in cash.
To add insult to the injury, Fally refused to put up at Mamba Village Villas saying it was below his standards and was staken to Nyali Beach( A four star beach hotel). Initially, he was to put up at Whitesands hotel. Fally and his band missed yesterday's (Sunday) flight as they engaged with promoters and Mamba village management  in getting the solution from the loss incured.
The stand-off also involves Mash auto mogul who gave his limo to ferry the Lingala maestro. The tycoon also manages the club (Mamba disco) and the loss incurred is huge.The investigations are going on and press releases of the outcome will be sent to media houses. It's pity for both Mombasa and Nairobi events ending with a sad disappointing note. We wonder where to put the blame to, either to the artist or the promoter. The event had been organized by Nsana Promotions, Flame entertainment and Radio Maisha.


The more recent life of Nigeria’s most celebrated contemporary artiste is about to be released in a documentary, entitled, The Rise of the Phoenix. It basically chronicles the last two years in 2face’s career. The reissue of the Unstoppable album; his experience at the 2010 World Cup; the One8 project; 2face Live at
Eko Hotel; the 2face and Mario concert in London; the various causes he is involved in and the various awards he has won in that period.

The production dwells on the triumph and rejuvenation of 2baba after the various scandals and controversies that trailed him after his initial success as a solo artiste. It looks at what is arguably the second part of his career so far; his recent successes and metamorphosis to become one of the biggest names in African music at the moment. This is akin to the legend of the Greek mythical Phoenix bird which initially lived for 500 years then burnt itself to ashes and from those ashes arose another phoenix.
It would be produced by Buckwild Media and would be available for commercial release within the next month. There would also be a syndicated broadcast of the documentary as a TV special on selected TV channels just before the full release on CDs.

BOLD&BEAUTIFUL PRODUCER TO VISIT NAIROBI Daytime Emmy Award winner Bradley (Brad) Phillip Bell is expected in Nairobi on July 26 on an official business visit. Brad is executive producer and head writer of the most watched daily dramatic serial in the world, The Bold and the Beautiful.
The 47-year-old is one of three children born to the legendary television pioneers, Lee Phillip Bell, an Emmy Award -winning broadcast journalist and talk show personality and the late Emmy Award - winning William J. Bell, who along with his wife created two of the most popular daytime dramas ever, The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful.
With two years on the writing staff of The Young and the Restless under the guidance of his father, Bell was integral in the creation and launch of The Bold and the Beautiful in 1987.  Bell was promoted to associate producer in 1989 and again to supervising producer in 1992.  Bell took over the reins of The Bold and the Beautiful from his father, becoming head writer in 1993, and then executive producer in 1995.
Under Bell’s leadership, The Bold and the Beautiful vaulted from the sixth-rated daytime drama to the third-ranked series during the 1992-1993 season.  Today, The Bold and the Beautiful is firmly established as the second-ranked daytime serial under its sister show, The Young and the Restless in the United States of America.
Last month, The Bold and the Beautiful received its sixth Golden Nymph Award at the International TV Audience Awards in the “Telenovela/Soap Opera” category at the Monte Carlo Television Festival.  In 2010, Guinness World Records named The Bold and the Beautiful the Most Popular Daytime Soap Currently on TV.  The Bold and the Beautiful is the most watched daytime drama series in the world, seen daily by more than 35 million people in over 100 countries.


The Couple in a romantic mood

This Wema Sepetu Abraham having an affectionate time with her Bongo flava dude Diamond in a Tanzanian hideout.Could this be LOVE?

Friday, July 1, 2011


Countdown to her coming to Nigeria to host a show on July 9,2011 the very bodacious former glamour model(stripper) and ex-boo of world superstar Kanye West and girlfriend of upcoming star Wiz Khalifa seem unable to leave controversies far behind her, the latest in the series of many controversies, which has made her a trending topic all over the world are the new nude pictures of her flying around now. And to tell you the truth, the pictures are very graphic and cannot be posted here, though we have the pictures.

Miss Amber in the pics is seen in some outrageous positions expertly playing with herself, she has said the pictures were leaked by some one she had trusted, who was using her PC & she later discovered was sending her nude shots to himself and others, many are of the belief that her story is balderdash and that she was the one that released the pictures herself, so that she can be the topic of discussion for a while, the reason given by those who said she leaked the pictures herself is so that it would bring attention to several of the projects she's involved in-especially a reality TV series about her.
Many in Lagos would get to see the celebrity Face to Face on July 9,2011. The in your face celebrity is following in the long line of other celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton,Kanye West,Bobby Valentino & Rihanna who have had sex videos or nude pictures of them exposed to the world.