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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mombasa Model releases her sex pics...

The model commonly known as Mercy has followed suit to what now seems as a trend in the celebrity culture; exposing nudity and releasing sex tapes. The photos which have hit online show her in the act with a mystery man believed to be an upcoming Bongo flava musician.Mercy is believed to be a serial dater and has managed to pin down some of the biggest names in the Kenyan entertainment industry including a former gospel deejay. And the dossier which showbizxklusivs landed on will be published here pretty soon.


Violet said...

Oh my God, Its unbelievable.It is so dissapointing to note what good looking people can do while away from home or in darkness.
I have always known her to be an innocent respectable lady of principles.
Its so sad top see this more especially on line.

SHEKI said...

That cant be the one Mercy we know. We have always known her as a lady of respect and dignity.
Please Mercy dont head that direction. You are not the type.