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Saturday, August 24, 2013


Damning and shocking details emerging from the Serena-based NTV Uganda is that Zuena Kirema, the new host of the ‘Real Life Stories’ show will be taking home a cool $1,000 per month. This will be $600 difference from what the pioneer presenter and law student Justine Nameere used to get. On top of the pay cheque, we exclusively learnt that the sexy babe, who is starting duty early September, tasked management to avail her with a car loan, arguing that it would make her movement to various destinations easier. However, our insider pries and friends told us that Zuena used it as a ploy to stamp her feature at the station as it will not be possible to fire her in case she fails to live up to their billing until she fully pays up the car loan. The management can’t figure out what she is up-to since she already has several cars at her disposal and the company she is joining has a string of cars that she could readily use. We understand this is currently, the only conundrum against fully signing up the contract. On the other hand there has been talk within the station corridors by some of the staff members who, are still in shock as to how management zeroed on her. Many of them claim she has little or no experience at all on TV presentation and her command of the queen’s language is suspect. We can authoritatively report that Zuena, a suggested S3 drop-out, at one time failed to make it to the Miss Uganda throne, simply because of her wanting English command. Nevertheless, we pray she has had enough training and rehearsals to help reverse this history. Watch this space for inner details of who she competed with and why she emerged the ‘winner.

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