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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Christopher Thomas Amooti has told the public that he found Princess Komuntale Ruth in bed naked with the hotel Manager. Christopher adds that Komuntale is talking lies about him.This comes after Princess Komuntale of Tooro took to Facebook on Monday morning accusing the husband of abusive treatment and infidelity as she said;
Chris physically abused me and continued drinking heavily, which led to more promiscuity and infidelity.
Komuntale says he has asked Christopher for a break in the marriage saying she can’t stand this anymore.
In response, Christopher had this to say;
Ruth can write false things about me on Facebook to clear her name. Everyone in DC know I been here for almost a year working . It’s no way I could have abuse Ruth for a year that’s a lie . Her family and friends know I have been here in DC. Ruth is a club girl I dd not like that while she was in SA .I have conversations that I can post asking Ruth to stay home but she would stay out to 4 am in the morning . The day of the wedding my mom is a pastor and I told my mom Ruth has scores all over her . We got her checked she had herpes I have nothing I can post my results on FB . I haven’t had sex with her since before we got married and that the God truth . Yes on our honey moon.
I found Ruth naked in the bed with the hotel manager so yes after that hell yeah I got another women I’ll be honest. So have I went outside my marriage yes everyone paid for it but my wife had herpes . I told my friend Mighty from DC and I think my friend Ken I’m not sure about ken don’t want to lie.I have been in DC working my butt off while Ruth broke butt takes money out my account. Her family is broke they have no money . Everyone knows this . It’s no secret. But Ruth wants to come on here and tell u lies with no proof. People my friends see me in DC I keep it cool and always low key because I was married but now it’s on and popping. I have filed for separation when I first got to DC in January.
I thought I could do this I was depress I have friends like who lives with his roommate Andrew can tell u how I would tell him about my issue with Ruth . How she is making me depress and ect. Do not believe Ruth she is your princess but now I will show proof .
I have pictures with Ruth face with because I took pictures and we didn’t know what it was. Everyone knows Ruth we know she is not common sense smart but book smart . We all know this . I don’t know how Ruth got herpes but I know it was a white lady in living with us and Ruth with no common sense uses her towel I’m not true you can get it that way but my mom is pastor and she saw it as prayed for Ruth that night .
No much TMI sorry but it’s wrong to talk about me when I did all I could for Ruth . Yes I do drink like everyone else but when I came back to DC I don’t drink like that anymore. My Kenyan friends are on FB tell them I don’t drink like that . Sorry for drama but I did not write my statement by kingdom people who correct errors .
I work for a living and doing good. This has hurt me but now I know how people are not in UG but how the kingdom try to cover up there mistakes and blame other people. Yes for all the people who gave money for the wedding I’m sorry but you know how Tooro is run by kids and a mom who don’t know what business is and that’s in 10 years or less you will see why people in Tooro so against the QM and the brother who likes to stay in doors playing video games but he is doing better now

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