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Friday, May 20, 2011


Theirs seemed like a union sealed in heaven but the latest juice from Tanzania is not tasty. Bongo flava's fast rising star Diamond who has been in the news with his model turned actress boo Wema Sepetu announced their split. The two who have dated for less than a four months have been having serious relationship problems. Diamond who was being interviewed on Clouds FM announced the break up citing the actress's infidelity as the cause. The Bongo flava singer known for his chart-busting runway singles 'Mbagala ' and 'kamwambie' called his ex-squeeze names that cannot be published. 'Wema Sepetu is a cheap whore...she aint my class,'he was overheard saying. Wema Sepetu seems so unlucky in love that all her ex-boyfriends keep dumping her. Before meeting Diamond, the former Miss Tanzania has dated Mr. Blue, Steve Kanumba, T.I.D, Chalz Baba and a former male model just to mention a few.But why in the first place date a cheap whore then call her names..Diamond please spare us this shit.


sai said...

Thats obvious and it will always be to men who use their fist instead of brain and let themselves date such kind of women. Diamond lost direction when he decided to involve himself with WEMA.

Henry Ojudi said...

It's not wise to call someone with whom you shared some bliss at one point in life names when the relationship fades, for whatever reasons. If she is a mess dude, you are part of it, quit, shut up and move on Mr. You are my favourite bongo artist and am just being candid with you.