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Monday, April 9, 2012


The cause of death of popular Tanzanian actor Steve Charles Kanumba has been revealed by pathologists. The actor who was found dead three days ago died of Brain Concussion. Pathologists at Muhimbili hospital in Tanzania who conducted a post mortem on the actors body revealed. Concussion of the brain according to is a traumatic injury to the brain as a result of a violent blow, shaking, or spinning. A brain concussion can cause immediate and usually temporary impairment of brain function such as of thinking, vision, equilibrium and consciousness.This proves that the actor was actually killed.
 Some of the films he featured in are ‘She is My Sister’, ‘Dar to Lagos’, ‘Cross My Sin’, ‘The Director’, ‘Hero of the Church’. He also worked with leading Nollywood artistes including Mercy Johnson, Nkiru Silvanus, Femi Ogedegbe and Ramsey Nuoah.
Among awards won by artiste Kanumba are IJUMAA Sexiest male bachelor of the year-2006, Best Actor of the Year (Baab Kubwa Magazine)-2006 The Best Actor in Tanzania (Hollywood John Wayne International Awards)-2007, Honorary Award (Tanzania Film Vinara Awards)-2008, Best Actor-2007-2008 ya (SHIVIWATA) na Uigizaji Bora na Mtayarishaji Bora-Filamu Central-2010.

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