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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


A peculiar underground romance is on in the entertainment industry.The actors involved in the acts coat the development in the wardrobe of 'unusual'Mr 'clean image' and celebrated artiste Bankole Wellington( Banky W) is said to be embroiled in a hush hush romance with controversy hugging starlet singer, Dencia.Banky W is said to be very discreet about the development- same for the singer, for now.
Insiders claim it has been on for some time- but insist it is nothing serious.According to a source ' Banky is just having casual fun, though the girl prefers something more serious'Informants are of the opinion that the chances of 'something serious' coming to play in the shrouded romance is almost absolutely nil, except of course the irregular phenomenon of 'unexpected' factor in such affairs come into play and change the shape of things.The analysis is based on their projected im
age.Banky W is viewed as a serious minded touch light of his sphere. He has a wondrous image to his credit. Revelations such as this also put paid to whispers about his bedroom conducts.Dencia is an obscure singer that has hit serial awareness twice for all the wrong reasons- the first was over a property theft mess and second, fighting at a major event.She recorded these controversies with the same adversary- Liz Garvy.It is feared that publicly aligning with such a character might heavily take away major points from Wellington's good name: hence the continued secrecy in the romance.

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