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Monday, March 5, 2012


ZARI HASSAN ,the Billionaire Ugandan diva has acquired a commercial building in Kampala. The commercial building is located between Santos Ice Cream and Watoto Church. In a weeks time, the building will be having a name like 'Zari Plaza' which we will gladly show on these pages. Meanwhile, Zari has apologized to Dr. Chameleone over the mess during the Valu Valu show last Friday. She wrote on her wall: "My sincere apologies to Dr. Chameleone, no intentions for stealing ya spotlight. luv u dude...." The diva differed with city socialite Judith Heard during the Jose Chameleone album launch concert. Apparently, what made Judith Heard go nuts was the fact that Zari showed off real cash at the show and she was ready to pay for the phone and yet Judith Heard had asked the MC to close the auction olf the Chameleone phone after she had made a pledge of pounds 2,000. She resorted to using X-rated words while hitting back at Zari. The MC's failed to control the two socialites forcing the lights and sound to go off for some minutes before security whisked Zari to safety.

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