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Friday, August 31, 2012


City party popper Sue Ochola De Roy is at it again. Sources reliably reveal that the glamour gal has hooked up a UK based boyfriend and the pair are into each other.  In fact the pair were last spotted getting cozy inside Charlie Lubega owned swanky London based Mystique Nightclub on August 17 2012 during the Mystique Ladies night.  Ochola looked stunning in a very short low cut, pink dress while her date, the yet to be identified lad was impressively dressed in a black baseball cap, white tshirt, blue jacket and red pair of tight jeans.  However, the talk that evening revolved around Ochola's jaw dropping cleavage and a pair of peeping white thongs that

could visibly been spotted holding her goods tenderly. "Her cleavage is one outstanding feature on her body and without a doubt, she flaunted it" a source revealed. In fact, some of the pictures we landed onto reveals a guy visibly salivating as his eyes are fixed on her busty boobs. A source concluded; "She left guys with a massive horn."

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