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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Susan Nava shuts down NTV axing talk
FORMER NTV Log-In show presenter Susan Nava has hit back at allegations that she was fired from the Serena Hotel-based station. Nava, who insists she went back to Europe to pursue her personal interests, said that someone in Kampala is trying to provoke a reaction out of her but she refuses to name her suspect.A tabloid on Monday reported that Nava had been ‘forced’ out of NTV and replaced with motor-mouth Robin Kisti, who shot to fame with the promo, Ekyakabi, which she co-presented with Brian Mulondo. But Nava said the allegations are “childish mudslinging” that she cannot engage in.“I was in no way forced out and although I am no longer working with NTV, my relationship with the management is still civil because it was all very drama- free. But I know where this is coming from and I know better than to participate in this juvenile mudslinging,” she said but refused to give details of the suspect she thinks is after her person. Pressed further in the telephone interview with e Kampala Sun on why she thinks it is mudslinging, she said: “Insecurity is the worst hallucinogen. I let my work speak for itself, others should do the same. Does telling tales about me being forced out make anyone else seem more competent?” Mind game experts at our desk have concluded Nava is hinting that Robin Kisti is the wheel behind the rumours, but Kisti told Corporate Ha-Heard that she is not aware of the rumour and even if she did, she can never comment on it.

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