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Friday, November 30, 2012


It’s over! Iryn gets new manUgandan songstress Iryn Namubiru has declared she has set her sights on a new mystery man. “I am a young woman; I cannot last five years without getting a man and yet am not a nun!” she said. Namubiru said the time she has spent separated from her estranged hubby, Frenchman Franck Morel, she has been exploring her options and has her sights firmly on a mystery man she claims she is still studying. The revelation might come as a devastating blow to Morel who Iryn claimed secured a juicy job in Uganda at the French Embassy as the cultural attaché so he could terrorize her.Iryn told Bukedde newspaper that she had not wanted to break up with the father of her children but could not contain it anymore. She said Morel was no longer the once loving and pampering man
she had met seven years ago.
She said Morel was too possessive and would always suspect her of sleeping with different men that she happened to be photographed with. Former VP Gilbert Bukenya featured prominently in this category.
She said as a music celebrity she expected Morel to understand that she loved her fans and that her trade demanded her to work late into the night. This, she said, did not amuse Morel who started accusing her of cheating. This is the climax of the breakup of their marriage that started slipping into irreconcilable proportions back in France where the sexy Iryn is a citizen. The couple has two sons over whom a custody battle is raging in courts of law back home.Last month a story broke online that a woman and her hubbby had fought at a train station in Lyon in front of their children before shocked onlookers called the Police.
That woman turned out to be our very own Iryn. Her hubby had waited for her a train station as she arrived from Holland where she had gone to visit her sister together with her boys. Morel grabbed her by the nape of the neck, roughed her up and shoved her as shocked onlookers gathered to witness the drama.

The couple was later whisked to Police at Garedu Nord where Morel was detained for questioning. Following the incident Iryn broke her silence on the abuse she had been going through in her marriage at the hands of Morel. She claimed he had severally threatened to kill her and that if he came to Uganda as a diplomathe he would be immune from prosecution.

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