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Saturday, November 17, 2012


Princess Komuntale marries long-time boyfriendPrincess Ruth Komuntale of Toro Kingdom has wedded her long-time boyfriend in a modest ceremony at St John’s Cathedral in Fort Portal. King Oyo himself handed over his sister to his new in-law Christopher Thomas and later to the church. At midday today, the couple made their vows to be one till death. The vows were administered by the outgoing archbishop of the Church of Uganda Rt. Rev. Luke Orombi. A royal wedding has not taken place in the Kingdom for a very long time.
More than 1,200 guests gathered to witness the wedding of the princess and her boyfriend, Christopher Thomas. The couple met two years ago
in American. The ceremony has been attended by the King of Bunyoro Kingdom, Solomon Gafabusa Iguru, the queen of Buganda, Sylvia Nagginda and top government dignitaries led by the speaker of parliament, Rebecca Kadaga and Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi.
The Royal Wedding LIVE
Vision Group's Editor in Chief Barbra Kaija is at the wedding, and here below are her LIVE comments as the ceremony progressed:
 ** In his characteristic evangelical voice, Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Luke Orombi preached a moving sermon about the scantity of marriage and its role as a foundation for a strong church and for strong nations.
He called for strong families and decried the disintegration of the family unit and the fact that families no longer sit to eat together or talk. He asked Christopher as the head of the family to sit and eat with the family  to pray for them and with them.  
“The Princess seated next to you is God's greatest gift to you. Your wife is a very special person, a gift from God. She is priceless. God has given you somebody to compliment and fulfil you.  A wife is favour from God. Christopher in Princess Ruth you have received favour. She is your mirror who never lies. Christopher you will be more complete now. Women have intuition. When she says something is wrong please stop and listen. She will help you stand. You are also there to make her stand you will lift her and encourage her.  
You have somebody to talk to and can listen to you and you will fulfil each other.“
Archbishop Orombi asks that husbands Love their wives as Christ loved the church. He called for husbands to sacrifice for their families. He advised the youth to wait for God to give them the right helpers for them.
** Princess Komuntale and Christopher have just taken their vows, both in confident, audible flawless American accents. As Archibishop Orombi declared them husband and wife, the congregation broke out into loud praises with the old Christian revival anthem 'Tukutndereza Omwana gwendiga.
** In Kabarole, at the foot of the beautiful Mountain Rwenzori it is bound to rain and this morning the clouds have opened in blessing to the beautiful Nsemera Komuntale.
** It was quite emotional as she walked hand in hand with Omukama Kabamba Iguru, the king of Toro, also her younger brother who also culturally represents their late father. Dressed in her flowing snow-white gown she looked truly  regal. They walked in to the old church tune To God be the glory.
** In attendance are:  Vice President Sekandi, Pm Amama Mbabazi, Speaker of Parliament Hon. Rebbeca Kadaga. Members of Parliament from Kabarole and neighbouring districts.  Ministers Maria Kiwanuka of Finance, Adolf Mwesige local government. Ronald Kibule minister for Youth, Minister of State for Agric Nyira, Kirunda Kivejinja, Elly Tumwine, Major James Mugira, Nabagereka of Buganda, Delegations from the kingdoms of Bunyoro, Ankole, Busoga, Alur Kenya, Congo, Swaziland, Ghana . We also have the European Union Ambassador, Italian Ambassador to Uganda, Rwanda Ambassador to Uganda.
** **Matron: Princess Tracy Guma
Assistant matron: Princess Catherine Kajaguzi
Best man Williams Thomas
Flower Girls: Princess Zara Mukasa; Princess Davina Kanyaihe; Princess Nkwanzi Ruganda; Princess Kisha Kawamara; Princess Joylyne Katekaine; Princess Sherry Musiime
Braids maids
Princess Shiba Matovu
Princess Lydia Kankya
Princess Shilla Kawamara
Princess Hilda katuuta
Princess Peninah Baguma
Grooms Men
Prince elly Mugamba
Prince Nathan Kazoora
Prince Justin Mainuka
Prince Tumuhairwe Mwebesa
Prince David Mujungu
Prince Mutumba Irunga
** Now at St. John Cathedral, Kabarole. People from all over Toro and Uganda began streaming in as early as 7.30pm for the Royal wedding. The 500 capacity St. John's cathedral is full to the brim. The royal entourages from all the Ugandan kingdoms, Mps, ministers,  are all seated. The procession of clergy led by Archbishop is now coming in to the soft tunes of How sweet the name of Jesus sounds.
Source: New Vision

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