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Monday, December 10, 2012


Former Ugandan socialite turned pastor, Shanitah Namuyimba aka Bad Black has finally made bail after she managed to raise the Shs100 million set by court last month. The former socialite had sought the court’s permission to fly to Dubai for surgery after her breast implant developed serious complications that needed immediate medical attention. With the help of her new mentor, singer Halima Namakula, Bad Black managed to get the $50,000 bail money and was released on Thursday evening. Bad Black has been sentenced to Luzira prison to serve a four year sentence over allegedly embezzling about $140 million from Daveshan Development Company Ltd, a real estate company, where she was a co-director and owned by her English fiancé Mr David Greenhalgh. Her ex, Meddie Sentongo is also serving an 18 month sentence at Luzira.
The former Bad girl of Kampala has now turned to God and calls herself Good Black.

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