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Thursday, May 9, 2013


By Njambi Mungai
In what can only be described as a star studded affair, the Groove Awards Nomination ceremony on Tuesday Night was graced by the biggest names in the gospel industry. Ranging from old school to new school musicians, producers, radio and TV hosts as well as comedians, the crowd was quite diverse. While newly converted Size 8 strutted her stuff in a more demure look in reflection to her new found faith, veteran Esther Wahome made sure that her beauty queen status was not forgotten as she catwalked in her pageant queen outfit. Hugs were exchanged, jokes were shared, laughter and joy was in the air. It was going to be a good evening. Everyone was excited and anticipating the announcing of the nominees which so far had been a well-kept secret. There is no hiding that being nominated for the groove awards is a big feat in the gospel industry. This is the 9th year since the inception of Groove Awards which has so far managed to award over 600 artists while promoting many more. And this time, the stakes are much higher. The winners who are to be announced on 1st June 2013, not only get awards and accolades but also get a chance to take part in the Groove Tour which will involve touring 4 major cities in Kenya, culminating in the hugely popular Groove Party on the New Year’s Eve in Nairobi. This is the opportune moment for incredible exposure for the winners.The show itself was very well thought out. The use of GNN (Groove Night Nominations) as a parody for an international media house, where DJ Soxxy and Kanze Dina played the role of TV hosts was a breath of fresh air and a break from the usual. Mwalimu Churchill was at hand to explain the new journey of the Groove Tour while Jalang’o cracked ribs as he presented a segment called the Cows Eye, also a parody. The nominee announcements were made by the big names in the gospel scene with the likes of Ambassada, Esther Wahome, Dj Moz, Chris Adwar, Emmy Koskei, Ben Githae among others calling out the nominees.
The actual nominee announcements came with surprises and a few disappointments. In the spirit of promoting new talent, there were quite a number of new acts. It would seem that 2012 was a good year for talented singer Gloria Muliro who managed to get a whopping 6 nominations for the awards followed by new comer DK Kwenye Beat who secured a comfortable 3 nominations. Seasoned Groove Award winner Daddy Owen also got 3 nominations.

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