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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Finally,Nameless is st to welcome baby no.2 in August. And the couple who've kept this news a top secret confirmed the news via social media. Following months of speculation and rumours, songstress Wahu Kagwi  confirmed that she is indeed expecting baby number 2! Her facebook page on Tuesday evening was abuzz after she answered with a simple “Yes I am” to a fan asking is she was pregnant. She was more than happy to confirm the good news including the fact that the baby is due in early August. Meanwhile,Wahu is planning to release a single by the end of this week.  This time, she will put aside the male bashing lyrics for a smooth mellow love song. After the wonderful reception of her previous love songs ‘sweet love’ and ‘running low’, this new single promises to be a hit! Wahu and her husband Nameless are reputed to be Kenya’s power couple in the music industry and this coming baby will be the couple’s second child. Their first born Tumiso Nyakwea, to whom Wahu lovingly dedicated the hit song “Sweet Love”, was born in 2006.

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