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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Looks like the Ugandan musician is on a baby making spree. Jose Chameleone, born Joseph Mayanja together with wife Daniella Atim welcomed another baby on Wednesday night . They named the baby Amma Christian Mayanja. The singer went on and declared the brith on social media. Chameleone was quick to express his gratitude to the creator for the benediction of the family while reaffirming his commitment to Daniella. 'It’s Life, That most of the times we are away from what we love the most. I am thankful for the beautiful family that God has blessed me with. And no matter what you will always come first! We together would like to celebrate the joy from MAYANJA family With you as we welcome our new baby AMMA CHRISTIAN MAYANJA. Our new born baby. I LOVE YOU Daniella Atim Mayanja. Until death do us apart I got you as a perfect wife, friend and inspiration.' he wrote on facebook.

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