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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Chameleone Signed New Manager

Popular Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone has a new a manager;Robert Nkuke. Robert Nkuke aka Mutima stepped into the shoes of Sam Mukasa, former Chameleone’s manager. Though he did not divulge details as to whwre his former manager went, unconfirmed sources said it because of irreconcilable issues. 'Chameleone and Mukasa recently got misunderstandings forcing the singer to sack him. Mukasa was Chameleone’s manager for 8 Years and “a brother for life”.
While on the UK Music Caravan, Chameleone praised Mukasa for doing good work and being “such a close” friend only to fire him afterwards. Meanwhile, the new manager, according to available information, is a promoter and has a company called Mutima Entertainment. He is widely remembered for organising Chameleone’s concert at Club Obligatto where the singer’s expert eye observed how effectively the young man could perform his duties.Speculators insist that Mutima’s picture never left the Badilisha star’s mind hence the current status. Chameleone confirms
“As I set off for My European Tour commencing this Friday in Oslo Norway 17th Saturday, I would like to thank my entire team,” he stated in a social media message, adding, “and in a special way Sam Mukasa for his endurance, competence, hard work, guidance and time as he served as my manager and the Leone Island Music Empire.” He added: “No words can express my gratitude. Officially, I introduce to my fans, friends, WELL wishers and business partners my new Manager: Mr. Robert Jackson Nkuke famously known as "Mutima".”
According to Chameleone, the already signed manager “has reported on duty”.

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