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Sunday, May 18, 2014


According to the revealation made by producer Snappy of Kenyan based Homeboyz studio, the two are madly in love! “Nazizi is a good person and very focused. She speaks with maturity and I like how a veteran at the music scene, I always have her on my side. She always wants me around her actually. Given a chance she would ship the studio to her house so I could be there all day,” Snappy said in an interview with Standard Digital, a Kenyan media.
The relationship has got Tanzanians, Snappy’s country of birth, excited for one of their own making it in a foreign land. The pair has even outed a dancehall track Gangstar Love as the answer to the speculations that have been going for months. The song is already playing on Kenyan airwaves. “Nazizi is the first lady I have been serious with since I came to Kenya. I love her and I know this relationship is destined for good things. We are into each other!” he explained.
Nazizi produced her first song while Snappy was in his primary in Dar-es-Salaam but the producer says that the age difference between them is not a problem to him.
Snappy studied in both Dar-es-Salaam and Mwanza before shifting to Kenya in 2011 to study Live Sound at Homeboyz. He got his lucky break after the Homeboyz management figured he was a better producer than Dillie. When the latter’s contract ended, Sappy, by the time teaching production at the studios, was given the mantle to produce. Nazizi, a mother of one filed for divorce in March last year.

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