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Saturday, October 4, 2014


The marriage of socialite Judith Heard could be set for collapse with rumor spreading that her husband Richard Allen Heard, most known as Alex Heard, is back with his former Kenyan wife Shiba Asha Shaban.Alex and Shiba bitterly split four years ago (in 2010) as she accused Alex of exploitation and selfishness.Then Shiba said: "I can never be jealous of Richard Allen Heard. He is a grandfather who is using East African women to make his legitimate family wealthy in America." This was during the time the two were fighting a divorce battle.
After the divorce Alex dedicated more time to Judith whom he had married in 2006 behind Shaban's back.
Fast forward 2014. word on the street has is that Alex is back with the Kenyan Shaban and our sources confirm that Alex spends most of his time at Shaban's residence in Nairobi.
According to family pals Alex is fed up with Judith and wants out. "Alex is still with Judith for their twins. he thinks it is not working anymore," said a pal.
This comes after news broke out that Alex had cut Judith's upkeep fees, with constant reports that she would spend all the money on toy boys in bars.Now this reunion of Alex and Shaban will come as a surprise to many. During the divorce proceedings, Shaban said Alex: "Am educated i don't need him anymore. He should come pick his clothes in my closet, shoes, book, and most important thing is grant me my freedom. Am a lady of class and dignity, i don't want to be a grandfather's circus."

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