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Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Singer, Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has said that despite his father, Jaberi Bindandi Ssali having been a rich government minister, he grew up with his mother in a poverty-stricken setting.
Bebe Cool was performing his popular song, ‘Go Mama’ at the ‘Spotlight Show’ when he took time off to encourage single mothers to take responsibility even after being left by their men.
“I grew up with my poor mother looking at Bidandi Ssali (father) with a lot of money yet I had to foot every day from home in Kanyanya to school in Kitante,” he said.
“My mother used to operate a sewing machine and on a good day she would make shs 2,000, of which she would give me shs 300,” he added.
He also said that even though his father had 16 children, he would walk to school yet his other siblings cruised in cars and even had cars to carry their books.
“Despite having gone through such a situation, of all my siblings, I am the most successful,” he added.
Meanwhile, Bobi Wine fans are angry with Bebe Cool for calling the ghetto president ‘Kadingo’ after a very long time with their beef at a record low.
“This Kadingo, Bobi Wine has never known real suffering because for him he was born poor unlike me,” Bebe Cool said.

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