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Monday, July 18, 2011


BET award nomineed and Congolese superstar Fally Ipupa had a Kenya tour last weekend which ended on a sour note. His Nairobi show was a flop while the Mombasa show at Mamba Village in Mombasa was a pure miserabel flop. Our witnesses in at Mamba Village confirmed to us that the congolese lingala sensation did not perform. He refused to come out of his car until he was paid in full. Incensed crowd then started demolishing and looting property.
They damaged the DJ Booth, the Coca Cola and Kenya breweries Tusker fridges, breaking the glasses and windows and the gate luminous board at the entrance. Police and flying squad were called in to restore some order and sanity. Rumour has it that someone dealing with tickets also disappeared with over one million in cash.
To add insult to the injury, Fally refused to put up at Mamba Village Villas saying it was below his standards and was staken to Nyali Beach( A four star beach hotel). Initially, he was to put up at Whitesands hotel. Fally and his band missed yesterday's (Sunday) flight as they engaged with promoters and Mamba village management  in getting the solution from the loss incured.
The stand-off also involves Mash auto mogul who gave his limo to ferry the Lingala maestro. The tycoon also manages the club (Mamba disco) and the loss incurred is huge.The investigations are going on and press releases of the outcome will be sent to media houses. It's pity for both Mombasa and Nairobi events ending with a sad disappointing note. We wonder where to put the blame to, either to the artist or the promoter. The event had been organized by Nsana Promotions, Flame entertainment and Radio Maisha.

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