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Friday, July 1, 2011


Countdown to her coming to Nigeria to host a show on July 9,2011 the very bodacious former glamour model(stripper) and ex-boo of world superstar Kanye West and girlfriend of upcoming star Wiz Khalifa seem unable to leave controversies far behind her, the latest in the series of many controversies, which has made her a trending topic all over the world are the new nude pictures of her flying around now. And to tell you the truth, the pictures are very graphic and cannot be posted here, though we have the pictures.

Miss Amber in the pics is seen in some outrageous positions expertly playing with herself, she has said the pictures were leaked by some one she had trusted, who was using her PC & she later discovered was sending her nude shots to himself and others, many are of the belief that her story is balderdash and that she was the one that released the pictures herself, so that she can be the topic of discussion for a while, the reason given by those who said she leaked the pictures herself is so that it would bring attention to several of the projects she's involved in-especially a reality TV series about her.
Many in Lagos would get to see the celebrity Face to Face on July 9,2011. The in your face celebrity is following in the long line of other celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton,Kanye West,Bobby Valentino & Rihanna who have had sex videos or nude pictures of them exposed to the world.

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