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Saturday, January 19, 2013


Sexy Kenyan songbird MEG C has categorically denied rumors that she is expectant. The singer posted on her facebook page denying the rumors that appeared on a character assassinating gossip blog claiming she was five months pregnant.The blog claimed she was pregnant for a C.E.O of a multinational company and that he wanted her to abort. 'Well this rumours on a blog spreading that am 5months pregnant & it needs to be aborted,well its so sad that some writers have nothing to say but to attack me with lies, I AM NOT PREGNANT. where have i been hiding ??? & that CEO who's looking for me ??? Am i not online Fb everyday chattn with my fans & posting my flat belly on my new WALL ( picture's ) OF NEW ME 2013,as i know am still a Widow and if you saw Sunday Nation buzz December 16,2012 u could see my recent interview no man has asked me just arranging a ceremony to celebrate my husbands life one more week to his Anniversary natena nasoma hii..its so sad your attacking me with bad lies & i dont have a Husband neither a C.E.O,Abortion is a crime For God's sake i Have my Two children and thats all i know & am still proud as a mother.if you Have no truth about me well here is the Truth.'' she posted on hr facebook page. 

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