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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Its no more a rumor,Farouk Sempala has taken over Ivan Semwanga. Zari, the mother of Ivan
Semwanga´s three children has left him for another man identified as Farouk Sempala. This is
the third time in two years Zari is leaving her marital home falling into other men´s hands. The
first time she went with basketball player Lugudde Isaac who lured her into tattooing his name all
over her body,two months later they separated then Lugudde revealed all the bedroom matters on
social media. She thereafter hooked up with a Nigerian DJ months later. This relationship did not
last long either,The Nigerian Dj went off after conning her Sh70m. Two weeks ago,Zari hooked up
with state house operative Farouk Sempala.The two lovebirds were caught cosy swapping salivas
in an hotel room in Pretoria.Ivan Semwanga has vowed to fire her from their South Africa based
Brooklyn College and take away all his cars and the house occupied by Zari´s mother in Munyonyo.
Zari introduced Ivan 4yrs ago in a colorful ceremony which saw him bringing 200 heads of cattle
as dowry

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