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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The duo are said to be engulfed in a very discreet but passionate affair at present.A very guarded romance is on. And it revolves around two interesting  personalities- popular entertainer widely known as D Banj, Dapo Oyebanji and celebrated politician,Florence Ita Giwa.
Information made available revealed that the affair has been on for some time now.Informants revealed that the need for secrecy is more about the need for the musician to maintain the image of a successful young man every lady want to take home to mama- the bedrock of his public appeal.
Analysed a source, ‘Ita Giwa is known for keeping younger guys and lavishing expensive gifts on them. More of a Sugar Mummy having young men as plaything kind of affair. And D’Banj and the Mo’Hit crew have heavily invested on creating the image of a youngman every lady desire with all material things at his beck and call for the musician. So you see, unlike the Genevieve affair that he leveraged on male dominance to shore up that particular image, publicly associating with Ita Giwa in a submissive role of sex for material thing will make nonsense of the musician’s reputation and Mo Hits investment on him. Simply put, it decorates him with the cloak of a kept lover’.
Informants claimed that just like she allegedly did with Actors Chidi Mokeme and Jim Iyke, the former senator initiated the romance- but D’Banj, with the backing of Don Jazzy (the musician doesn’t make a move without his blessing) changed the script.
D’Banj opted for a secret affair and the celebrated politician agreed.
Sources claimed that in order to cover their tracks very well- the Mo hits crew fuelled the media celebration of D’Banj’s romance with actress Genevieve Nnaji.
According to investigations conducted by Naija website societynow Nigeria the romance with Genevieve was nothing more than a business affair turned fling.
Divulged the insider ‘Genevieve was actually contracted to feature in Dbanj’s song for a fee. The transaction later resulted in a fling. It was this period that the Ita Giwa romance sparked off. So, what Dbanj and his team did was to continue antics that fuelled the media romance as a cover up for the real loving with Ita Giwa’
While on her part- Ita Giwa has continued to enjoy the loving of yet another celebrated artiste very discreetly- D’banj and by extension the Mo’Hit crew are said not to be doing badly in the deal as well.The money spinning deal that saw D’banj a part of President Goodluck Jonathan Campaign team is said to the handiwork of Senator Ita Giwa.
Aside this, sources claimed that the Mo’Hit crew are currently tapping into the clout of the extensively connected politician set-up-this-and-that private deal.A clinical follower of the unfolding romance is of the opinion that Senator Ita Giwa’s long known penchant for publicly parading her ‘Toy’ men might disrupt the secret arrangement in the nearest future. The question is how soon?

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