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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


There have been rumors that D'banj-Genevieve relationship is over. But the singer finally confirmed end of the affair and declared that he was single and searching. Ladies who have been eyeing comes the golden opportunity to net the Naija millionaire musician. D'banj had dated Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji and whatever happened between the couple remains hidden secret. He has since been linked to a filthy rich Nigerian legislator. 
Read the excerpts below to see the interview he granted a Nigerina reporter.

Q: When do plan to settle down?
D'Banj: When I see the right person

Q: How would you know the right person
D'Banj: If I see I will know

Q: How about Genevieve?
D'Banj: We're not...(pause) why do you people keep calling Genevieve? That's a long time, we've even got over that. I am single and searching.

Q: Why has God hasn't answered you?
D'Banj: Who says he hasn't answered me? You never know when it come to relationship. Your best friend might be your wife and you might still be searching. It might be a person that I have dated before or a new person. But I believe God will do it at the right time.

Q: Do you think when you finally get married you will cheat on your wife?
D'Banj: I don't know. I don't think about that but my dad never cheated on my mum

Q: Are you planning to follow his footsteps?
D'Banj: I'm not planning to but I came from him, I must have something in common with him. When I get married, I will know. Right now, I don't.
Q: How do you manage your female fans?
D'Banj: I don't really have many female fans

Q: What do you do when girls throw themselves at you?
D'Banj: They are usually prevented and I don't get to see them because my people around me near me but if I see you and get to like you, then something might go down. It's up to me to decide...

Q: So you don't have a girlfriend?
D'Banj: No, I don't. But that don't mean I don't F**k!

Q: You are going international now, how easy will it be for you staying in Nigeria?
D'Banj: I did it from here and there is no way that you will mention my name that you will not say the Nigerian-born singer. So, it has changed nothing about me except that I am now a superstar who rocks, wines and dines with Jay Z, Kanye West and a lot of other international artists.

Q: What if they try to mimic you?
D'Banj: Nobody can steal me; nobody can take Nigeria from me. Well, that can happen only if I get married someone like Rihanna.

Q: That means you are not coming back
D'Banj: Why not, I will bring here.

Q: How is that going to be possible? She won't want to leave her country because of love
D'Banj: With love, nothing is impossible (laughs)

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