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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


We stumbled on this from another gossip it...Louis loves the good life (we all do) but he wasn’t willing to pay for it, he was brought up in Kibera’s Laini Nane. He got a media break because of his mother and soon became one of the hottest media properties in Kenya. His decline started when he joined Citizen TV, as part of their re-structuring they poached heavily from KTN and they gave out lots of money, for Louis, he had ‘Fikad’ he became a diva!
Initially he was doing ONE show a week, a show he never used to prep for because he was too big to be involved in the ‘planning’ of his own show. His lifestyle became bigger; he discovered gold bracelets, expensive shoes and a woman who could pay it all for him. He chose this woman over his own wife and kids; his family was at one point evicted from their house as he rolled around Nairobi in his VX and his new catch, a woman who is a few years older than him.

You all know how that story ended. They broke up a few times; Louis was fired from Citizen for trying to ‘steal’ from them. He moved to K24, and that didn’t last either, then he was ‘Jobless’ his ‘Main’ lady left him. That’s when he met a new young girl, a girl who had access to money.

He would ask her to get him like 200k, she’d make a few calls and she’d get 200k for him. She borrowed from everywhere, from the bank, friends and even relatives., When his ‘camp’ started the rumour that he was going to be Raila Odinga’s communications director, he felt he needed a car to match his new ‘Big title’ so he told his ‘lady’ he needed a RR Sport. They traded in his VX with a motor dealer in Lavington. The balance from the swap was 1.4 Million, the lady borrowed money to clear that bill. He was preying on her big time.

Back to the lady, in January this year, things got really thick for her, her kidneys were not doing very well, plus the stress from the people she owed money was becoming too much to bear. She quit her job and joined Loius in ‘Business’ no one knows what his business was, but he used to tell her he’d pay her back because this year, he was going to hold several presidential debates on television. When she exhausted all avenues of getting money, he went silent. He stopped picking up her calls, he wanted NOTHING to do with her and he went back to his previous mine. The lady was broken, last week on the 9th after she celebrated her 26th birthday, she wrote on her diary that this was her last birthday. On Sunday, when she went to see her parents, she gave the whole story and even gave receipts to some of the payments she’d made for him (including a hospital bill) in total she owed over 10 Million shillings.


Several conflicting reasons are being floated about how the young lady died. Sections of her family say she killed herself, others says she got into a diabetic coma and passed away.


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