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Saturday, February 11, 2012


'Uganda's professional boxer Kassim'The Dream' Ouma is in love again...The boxer whose last date was a top female diva (Juliana Kanyomozi) has bounced back with another flame,Alice Namatovu.
The closeness between boxing flop Kassim Ouma and former Club Rouge manager Alice Namatovu was thought to have waned. In 2007 when Ouma made a triumphant return following a 12-round bout against Jermain Taylor, where American hailed him for his bravery, Alice was there to welcome him among other officials.
In fact at the time snoops wondered: “She was the one who presented him with a bouquet of flowers at Entebbe and the two were seen feeding each other at Serena Hotel
At the time Kassim was dating diva Juliana Kanyomozi.
It has now emerged that contrary to what people thought, the two are still tight “They are still friends and communicate. There was definitely chemistry that will remain forever” a source revealed.
Alice is known to have a thing for athletes that include legendary Uganda soccer star (RIP) Majid Musisi. Alice is currently jobless after she was sacked for misappropriating Centenary Park based Club Le Bejoulais dime.

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