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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


WITH birthday party Singer Jose Chameleone was pleasantly surprised when he turned up for a usual hanging out thing at Silk Lounge in Kampala a week ago, only to walk in on his own birthday party, with many of his friends and family present.  The party, which took place on April 30, was organised by his wife Daniela behind the musician’s back. In attendance were some known names: fashion guru Sylvia Owori, Singers Navio, Coco Finger, Meddie Ssentongo, Cedric Babu, Elvis Sekyanzi, John Segawa, lawyer Caleb Alaka and his lover, Jackie Chandiru, name them. Chameleone, who succumbed to the prank, just decided to enjoy the night, treating his guests to a request show of sorts, where many asked for their favourite songs by the singer as he did their accapela versions. The birthday cake was, however, too small for the big crowd in attendance. Then came the time to ask for his age and he didn’t want to walk that road, but a close relative intimated that the Valu Valu singer had turned 35.

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