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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


There are many comedians but only one has proved that his are downloaded from above so we think. Naija's laughter king Ali Baba proved that he's a gifted comedian by doing a six-hour marathon comedy show without repeating even one joke. That was on Saturday May 12th, during the deluxe edition of Bunmi Davies' Stand Up Nigeria comedy show which was held at the Muson centre Onikan, the original King of comedy, Alibaba, sat in front of an audience and cracked jokes for 6 straight hours. There were no other side attractions, just him on stage...and people who were at the event said he didn't repeat any Joke. Six straight hours? This is a feat no other comedian in Nigeria has been able to accomplish.
Ali Baba’s bigg break came in 1999 when Chief Olabode George called to invite him for a small birthday party being organized for President Olusegun Obasanjo. Ali Baba made a good impression on the then President Obasanjo, which paved way for him in the corridors of power. His closeness to Mr. President has brought to Ali such names as the president’s personal jester or Aso Rock’s favourite comedian. Ali Baba can be credited for being the major force behind taking comedy from being a side kick to a serious business with popular comedians attaining celebrity status and commanding high appearance fees in events and shows.

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