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Friday, May 18, 2012


The findings of Police investigations into the muder of a photographer are yet to be revealed. Renowned model Diana Nekoye Sifuna was investigated over the death of her boyfriend Charlie Grieves-Cook, who died after jumping off from the woman’s third floor apartment. Nekoye, a former MNET Face of Africa contestant recorded a statement with CID officers two months ago who went with her to the house on Lang’ata Road, where she recounted to them what happened that Saturday night, when Grieves-Cook died.
Lang’ata divisional Police chief David Bunei confirmed that Nekoye had been questioned and was cooperating with officers investigating Grieves-Cook’s death.The deceased was a Commercial Advertising Photographer at EyeQueue Productions based in Nairobi. In her statement to the police, Nekoye said she rushed to the balcony when the thugs were gone and found Grieves-Cook holding onto a metal bar, his legs hanging in the air and she wasn’t able to pull him up. She went back to the house to try and get something that could help her pull him up back up but when she returned to the balcony, he wasn’t there. That is when she saw his body lying on the concrete where he had fallen, most likely after running out of energy.
Grieves-Cook, a renowned commercial photographer and a tour company director died on Saturday night when he fell off the third floor balcony of Nekoye’s house while fleeing gangsters who had attacked them in the house, according to police and guards at the apartment.
Police need to unravel the mystery behind this death and the culprits be brought to book.

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