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Saturday, May 19, 2012


clipI have lost six wives to AIDS! But how come whenever I test, I am HIV negative? Does it mean I am immune to the virus?”This question stunned a crowd that had gathered in Kalangala town for a voluntary counseling and testing crusade on Tuesday.It was organised by Walter Clinic and Strides for Family Health, a USAID-funded healthcare initiative.When the over 400 people were given an opportunity to ask questions, Vincent Kyambadde volunteered his story.He said he was 52 and that every woman he married had died after suffering a painful illness that failed to respond to any treatment, until he decided to go for an HIV test.
He had since had about 150 tests, all of which proved he was negative.Adjacent to him, sat Immaculate Nabayengo, his wife, in a gomesi and breastfeeding their oneyear- old daughter. Kyambadde, a resident of Bugala village in Kalangala town council, later detailed to.
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