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Sunday, June 17, 2012


He is commonly known as Kenya's dancehall king but Redsan is yet to prove why he is the king of dance hall. Well, that's not the news, the juice is that he has signed a deal with an online distribution company to handle his music. Redsan signed a deal with UrFilez, a digital music app, to stream his music 24/7 from library of music in partnership with Rapid Communication. The ragga Kenyan star will be one of the African artistes signed to the deal where fans will be able to access his music from an unlimited database.Hassan Miah, the co-founder and CEO of Urfilez, said in a statement, "With the UrFilez Music App, not only can Kenyan music lovers stream music 24/7 without having to compromise their budget, but they can access unlimited music anywhere they go. In addition to all the major artists and songs, Kenyan users can also access their favorite local artists.""UrFilez is the ideal partner for Rapid Communications to rollout the first music app in multiple African countries since UrFilez allows users to access a library of millions of songs in a personalized music experience," says Mr Anwar Hussein CEO of Rapid Communications "The UrFilez -- Rapid Communications partnership is perfect blend of access with technology."UrFilez will rollout first in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda,Nigeria, Tanzania, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. UrFilez is committed to staying at the forefront of digital music technology to make sure that users can easily tap into a rich variety of regional and international music by all major record labels.
Source: Hotsecretz

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