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Monday, June 11, 2012

THE KING IS BACK$largeimg106_Jun_2012_122455457gallery.jpgclip
King Oyo Nyimba of Toro and Queen Mother Best Kemigisha return toUganda to prepare for the wedding

The Omukama of Tooro kingdom Oyo Nyimba and the Queen mother Best Kemigisa arrived in the country on Wednesday, dispelling media reports that Kemigisa was arrested in the USA. The King Oyo and his mother landed at Entebbe International Airport aboard a British Airways morning flight. They arrived ahead of the Princess Ruth Komuntale’s wedding set for next month.
They were welcomed amidst fanfare by Tooro kingdom officials and subjects who included an entourage of ministers and elders. The two arrived through the VIP section of the airport and were immediately ushered to the arrival lounge, visibly tired from the long flight from Heathrow. The kingdom’s anthem was sang and thereafter, King Oyo was led outside where he shook hands with waiting school children who sang Kitooro folksongs. Present were the regent, Rev. Richard Baguma, Princess Elizabeth Bagaya, and the palace minister Meshach Kawamara.
The Kingdom’s minister of information Arthur Namara said that wedding preparations were ongoing and Princess Komutale would arrive in due course. Namara however gave no specific date for Komuntale’s arrival. “The King and the Queen mother have arrived in order to prepare ground before the wedding. Preparations are in high gear in the kingdom, and we have a month and some few days remaining,” Namara said. Princess Komuntale, 23, is set to walk down the aisle with her American fiancĂ©, Thomas Christopher in a ceremony that will take place at St. John’s Cathedral in Fort Portal. The wedding will be preceded by a traditional introduction at the home of Charles Kamurasi, the Princess’ paternal uncle and head of the ruling Babiito clan.     

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