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Monday, April 22, 2013


It’s Funny but True Info Reaching our desk Indicates That a Lady Only Identified as Aisha Has Dumped a Toddler at The Nevaland Gate in Makindye Which Baby Belongs to Auto Tune Master & Obudde Singer Mowzey Radio. Drama Started When Aisha Stormed The Neveland Gate & Demanded To see Radio Who was Relaxing & When News Reached Him, he rushed to the Gate only to Find Aisha who was Very Furious shouting on Top of her Voice “Ssebo wandekera Obuvunanyizibwa Bwomwaana wo ggwe oli eno weyagala nabamalaaya bo. Kati Omwana Wuuyo naawe Labiliramu Nkooye Omugugu gwewantikka” Loosely Meaaning “ Moses You Left all the Responsibilities of Taking care of this Baby To Me & All You are doing here is Enjoying Life with Your Sluts. Now here come the Time when you need to Carry Your Cross “ Before she Took Off Leaving Radio under the Consolation of his Experienced Friend Weasle Manizo TV who has over 30 Kids From 30 Different Mothers & Still Counting.Weasle was Heard Telling Radio To Take the Kid to his Mum as He ” weasle” Does as they have more serious Issues to Take Care of than Kids.  Over To you Bwana Weasle Teach the Brother Radio How you made the Weasel Children’s Foundation (WECHIFO) That Takes Care of your 30 Kids Because he is Busy Following into Your Footsteps.

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