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Sunday, April 1, 2012


Former Miss Kenya crown holder Cecilia Mwangi, who has now become a household name for her eliminate jiggers campaign, is among the big names chosen to be Olympic Torchbearers in London later in the year.
"We are delighted to confirm your place on the Olympic Torch Relay. You have made it through the selection process and passed background and security checks. You will have your moment to shine as a Torchbearer carrying the Olympic Flame," read the fax mailed to Cecilia last week. Her slot to carry the flame will be in Solihull on July 1.
Her inspiring story will feature in the international media. "From Monday, we will start to tell the world your inspirational story. You may be contacted by your local authority or invited by media to take part in an interview," the letter added. The former crown holder was elated to learn of her appointment. She was selected from a list of 250,000 nominees. The list also hosts Red Cross boss Abbas Gullet and young innovator Evans Wadongo.
Senegalese musician Youssou Ndour is also among the celebrities to carry the torch. "It’s a great surprise and honour for me. I have devoted a lot of work to the Ahadi Trust led anti-jiggers campaign. Everyone will be watching the moment.I am more touched that, around the world, people will know about the jigger menace in Kenya out of this nomination," Cecilia said. Her team which includes the Ahadi Trust Ltd CEO Stanley Kamau and a number of journalists will leave the country on June 28 for London.

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