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Monday, April 9, 2012


Late last night it was reported that popular Tanzanian actor Steven Kanumba had died, cut off in the prime of his life at 28. There are conflicting reports about how he died, some say he was in a fatal auto crash on his way back home from a night out while the story generating the most buzz claims he died from a fall, as a result of being pushed girlfriend Elizabeth ‘Lulu’ Michaels. The reports claim Steven and Lulu were fighting over incoming calls on her phone while she was at his home. He demanded to see the calls, but she didn’t show them to him. While taking the phone by force, she pushed him and he fell, hitting his head hard. The fall killed him. The reports also go on to say Lulu is currently being held in custody. His death has thrown Tanzania into mourning with condolence messages pouring in from politicians and colleagues alike, with fans trooping to his home in Dar es Salaam to pay their respects.  Steven starred in a couple of Nollywood movies with Ramsey Nuoah, Mercy Johnson, Nkiru Silvanus and Femi Ogedegbe. Ramsey Nuoah who co-starred with him in 2011′s Devil Kingdom has sent his family a condolence message.

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Naomy Nicholas said...

R.I.P Kanumba u,ll still remail a star and my role model