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Monday, April 2, 2012


Well,she remains one of the most prolific event organizers. Muthoni is makind real bucks. And by the look of things she's one of the loaded Nairobi chics. Let's do the basic mathematics together. "Blankets" costs every reveller 1,500 to get in(except, of course, us press folk :). Judging by the crowd, I'd estimate somewhere between 1,000 and 5,000 people attend this gig. For calculation purposes, let's put the number in the middle, say 3,000 people. So in gate fees ALONE, Muthoni and company mint a grand total of 4.5 MILLION in revenues.
Add to that the sponsorship money that they get from elite advertisers such as Capital FM, who want to reach the wealthy demographic who attends blankets. I'll put that at a modest number of about 500,000 (50k per advertiser), and you end up with a grand total of 5 MILLION SHILLINGS earned in one bloody day! But that's not the best part even!
The best part of all this, is that Muthoni and company have set this thing up such that, despite people paying a whole 1,500, they still have to bring their own refreshments to the venue! So all Muthoni has to do is provide the venue and the music, and the rest of the hassle is up to the fans to sort themselves out! This ensures tremendous margins for the "Blankets" business.

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